Sunday, December 14, 2008

The wind and snow has arrived!!

See the wind blowing the snow, looks like fog LOL, and horse tails too! Big babies they are like, "the people went in the house, we want more food, this white stuff has it all covered"

Boy is it cold for here brrrrr thermo says 24f, we dont get this kind of cold except maybe a couple times a year. Mucked stalls and threw the mares out for a couple of hours, they were running and playing and bucking and kicking goofballs!! Sorry the pic is blurry, the winds blowing like crazy and I was trying to hurry.

Lower pasture, when we get a lot of rain it turns into a lake.

Out the front door. Not to much accumulation yet, but starting to get small drifts. The light is on the well switch and the heater is on in the well house, as long as the power doesnt go out we will have water, and heat, you can see the wood pile in the first pics, just in case, It is supposed to stay in the 20's all week. I love snow storms if I dont have to be out in it, except for hunting season, I love snow then!


  1. It's fun seeing white weather move in around the country. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Yah, you guys on the West side of OR are getting it way worse than us over here in the East...precipitation's single digit lows all this week. Lots of cold...not much snow.

  3. Oooh it looks so cold there! We are in Summer here - nice and warm and sunny - sorry! Thanks for being a follower over on my blog. I have signed up to follow you too! Next time you visit leave me a comment so I know you have been. I will spend some time reading through your archives and getting to know you!

  4. hey gtyyup, I am probably as close to oregon as you can get without being in oregon, alas I am a Washintonian LOL Washougal.I dont mind the snow so much but the wind is brutal right now and its 22 degrees. so they said about 9 with the wind chill. The house is creaking and squeaking with the wind, not much sleep tonight.

  5. Cold here too. Terrible 6 degrees! Wind chill at zero!



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