Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer is almost here, garden is going, and Emma.

My garden is looking good! Still growing! Picked the first of the broccoli, a couple small tomatoes on. Have zucchini, cilantro, basil, Walla Walla onions, jalapenos, pole beans and cucumbers, corn and Dill! I cultivated it today to knock down the weeds that came up during this last wet spell we had.

 My Dahlias are up, I have 10 this year, alas a lot of the ones I spent all that time digging and trying to store, froze in the garage. Winter was very cold for us here this year.
 Love this basket!
 Gazinnias, these are such happy flowers!! The darn squirrel ate the one I had up on the deck! First it ate all the foliage around them then the next day, ate the flowers! I am still mad at it!.
 Gazinnias with hostas. These frogs my Mother in Law made and painted years ago! They are still around, sadly she passed 12 years ago now.
 My shade garden, hostas and impatiens. I dont remember what the one on the far left is, gets cute baby blue/pink flowers and is one my Mom gave me a few years ago!
 Emma in purgatory! Little brat, when she runs out of hay and sees me outside she starts yelling at me!! LOL Silly girl. Even my goldfish in the pond beg for food! LOL
 We got rid of the old travel trailer, which had newer wheels and tires on it (we got them a few years ago for hubbys Dad, so Meghan and hubby put them on my trailer! Now to save up for those newer tires! Although these are pretty good, hardly used.
 Emmas "What are you doing." look, When I stand there and take pics.

 She still gets covered in mud, brushed her all pretty last night! LOL
 The old mares out on the pasture.
 Easy is still looking good for 29! She finally shedded out good.
 Oh, and my seed Dahlias I bought! So I could have color while I wait for my others to bloom!!

Summer this weekend! I may be going to the Buck Brannamen clinic in Cle Elum, Wa. to audit on the 10-14 of July. Wish I could ride! I want to audit I hope, two days. Will stay with my cousin, who lives on the East side of Ellensburg, 40 min from the arena where its held.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bad news

Well I got bad news on Monday. Emma had been lame and I didnt know what happened, she wasnt getting better. I had my Vet out on Monday. After lots of flex tests and manipulation and trotting off and a rectal palpation.
 He said, "I think she has a broken pelvis."
 Crap. She will be OK. Just another year off for her. Vet found a swelling on the left side when he palpated the pelvis. She didnt like that at all! Very sore!
 She has six weeks on bute, then six months of stall/small pen rest. Oh and I have to get 50 to 100lbs off of her! LOL Thats what she wont be happiest about!

This is when I rode her last year at the trail trials, which was a blast! Maybe next year.

So that leaves me with riding the old mare if I want to ride! LOL  
This old mare loves to go, and is still reasonably sound at her age of 29 years!!  (this pic is from two years ago)  So look out old mare, a little conditioning and we may still get a couple rides under us!