Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday stills, the letter T....

He he he, I have a good one for this weeks post, we have been gone all day so I am posting late. I didnt know why I took this picture when the opportunity presented itself, now I do, I guess, LOL LOL

And you cant have T without trees!

Arent these old Alder trees cool, covered in moss and they are huge! I really liked thier mirrored symetry.

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We just had a quiet Thanksgiving with the two of us, turkey and the fixins, Apple pie and chocolate cream, yumm yum. I didnt take any pictures.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Sorry I had to change my settings so anonymous posts couldnt post, I was getting a lot of spam.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random pictures from our hunting trip....

I took some pictures while we were camping, unfortunatly the weather did not cooperate and it was wet wet wet, did I say wet!

Hubby took this picture. Someone had dumped an Elk carcus and there were a ton of crows and a Bald Eagle scavenging the remains, he was huge!

A great big mushroom! Dont know if this one is edible or not but it was about 8 inches across!

Our Home away from Home.

There are Elk in this picture! We did see two different Elk herds, and this one twice, it had a raghorn 3 pt.bull in it.

The ferns are gorgeous in all the fall leaves.

Sasquatch Hubby picking mushrooms LOL we get some really nice Chantrels here. I saved these for the Thanksgiving stuffing!

More to come, Government mineral springs and more.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More on Luxor and Linda....

When we finally met Linda, she gave Meghan a wonderful present for raising Luxor. She gave her a small stuffed black Lab with a puppy jacket on, and a nice picture frame, a very nice thing for her to do.

Luxor looked great and he did remember us.

It was a very very nice visit, we sat and talked with Linda for an hour and a half! The time went by so fast!
Meghan told Linda all the stories about baby Luxor and taking him to school every day and everything he got to experience while he was with us. Luxor had a very well rounded raising, he went everywhere and did everything, school, hospital, grocery store, Mall, WAHSET meet, OMSI, and so much more! Linda was really impressed with that.

Luxor waited patiently between Meghan and Linda, he had been with Linda for two weeks of training at this point, and you can tell that they were already bonded.

It was so cool to get to see Luxor in his working harness, he still takes everything in stride and is the loving mellow guy that Meghan raised.

After we visited for awhile they came and got Linda to get ready for the Graduation ceremony, and left Luxor with us, I took pictures of Meghan and Luxor together, it was neat to see him looking for Linda too, so neat that they bonded so fast.

Linda really likes Luxor, it was hard for her to retire her old Guide, Preston, but he is getting arthritic and couldnt go on hikes and stuff with her anymore without being in pain. Luxor will love getting out and exploring with her.

They also had professional pictures taken, of all of us with Linda and Luxor, I love this picture with him looking at her like that.

Just sweet.

Graduation pictures next! All in all this was a great experience, I teared up a couple of times, but for the most part it was a really happy thing!
Linda emailed Meghan and told her Luxor started doing saumersalts for her LOL, he always used to do them for Dad, turn upside down between his legs, so he is really settleing in. Linda said he is learning all his routes and surprised her the other day with taking the turn to home for her without being told! She said he is great and learning so fast. I am glad he went to such a nice person.

This one is blury because everyone was moving a lot lol, Luxor remembered Dad too, of course I dont have a picture with me in it,(except for the pro ones) because I was taking all the pictures.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday stills, Horses!

I like this picture, Emmas nose and me and her in the shadow, lol I didnt know I was in the shadow until I put the pictures on the computer.

Me riding Emma this last summer, to finally be in the saddle again after brain tumor surgery and a long long recovery, priceless.

Emma, during the lazy dog days of summer, eating apples near the tree.

Scenes from the barn, hoof trimming day, everything lined up on the stall wall, the hose, you can see out the stall door into the run.

Apple butt! lol, finishing up her hay that kept her busy while I did her feet, she is a wiggle worm.
Meghan on Easy, after we picked up the, then, new barrel saddle that I traded someone on Craigs list for, worked out very well, Meghan loved the saddle and it seemed to fit Easy just fine throughout the WAHSET season that she rode it in. This old mare will be 25 in March of '10, I cant believe she is that old, that means we have had her in the family for 21 years!

My favorite pony.

And last but not least, the fat old mare Mickey, who will be 21 in the new year, we are now the proud owners of old horses and old dogs LOL, but good ones!

That is my contribution to Sunday stills this week, I was excited when Ed said it woud be Horses! and we were going to be gone, I wasnt sure I would make it! but I did.
I cant wait to see everyone elses posts!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Luxor's Graduation #1 post....

On our way to Luxor's graduation we stopped a Starbucks :0) the first picture is Dublin in Starbucks

Second picture is Dublin curled up in a ball between my feet on the floorboard, he sure enjoyed the heater!

The third picture, Dublin had to go to jail LOL, there are usually so many dogs that they ask some of us to crate them for the ceremony.

Fourth pic, us walking up to the main building to wait to meet Luxors new Human!

Fifth picture, A little shopping in the gift shop. Then they called us to go over to the dormatory building and we wait to meet Linda.

Sixth picture....First glimpse of Luxor in five months!!! And he is working, so cool, so happy he made a guide dog, he is a pretty special dog!!!

Seventh pic, You can tell from all the motion, Luxor recognized Meghan right away, he was pretty excited and so was Meg!!!

More to come....lots more!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday stills, Fins, Feathers and Fur....

Mine came out in Fur, Feathers and Fins order LOL This first pic is Luxor and Dublin together, as in Fur. This picture is from Luxors Graduation, which my post next week will tell that story!

This next pic is of the beautiful Annas Hummingbird that was around all summer and my representative for
And Fins!!! Big Fins!!! Some of the last Sturgeon that Hubby caught out of the Columbia River, they all are over 42 inches long.

I havnt posted with Sunday Stills for a couple weekends, but I am keeping up on everyones pictures! I just havnt been out to take any new ones.
If you want to look at more Sunday Stills pics please go here

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Luxors Graduation today!

We go to see Luxor today and meet his blind person! The day is beautiful ( not raining) but cold and we have about and hour drive to the Guide Dogs Campus. LOTS of pictures will be coming!!!

This picture is from Meghans High School Graduation, in June. The next day she had to go take Luxor back to Guide Dogs for training, and he made it!!!!! We are soooo happy! He will be going to St. Paul, Minnesota!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

310 Posts, First anniversary, Veterans Day, and more ramblings....

Wow 310 posts. I have been blogging for a full year now, it has been fun! I look forward to blogging for a long time to come. I started out wanting to do a scrapbook of all the horses that I have had in my life, and ended up blogging them instead!
I have blogged a little bit about horses, my health problems, and our Guide Dog puppies and my children and Hubby.  Still havnt decided if this Blog is like a journal or a scrapbook or?? what. Enjoyment this blog has brought me though, its been fun meeting all of my followers, most of you at your blogs too. It amazes me how different yet alike we all are. I had thoughts about doing a giveaway but that hasnt come together yet, so ?? maybe in the future. My blog has been pretty quiet the last week or so, with winter coming on and the bad weather I havnt been taking many photos so I havnt had any new ones to share, rain and cameras dont mix to well.
I have titled this blog There is a Horse in My Bubblebath, long but kinda catchy LOL, it really is about my bubblebath of life, big bubbles and small!

I want to leave you with this picture of my middle daughter, Sara. She is in front of one of Sadams palaces, gun and all. She is stationed a Ft Hood, Texas, where we have all been hearing a lot about in the news, Sara is in Iraq now though, and was spared the immediate horror of that tragedy. Hard to say "Glad she was over there" but she is still in danger over there, and we will worry until, and even after she gets home that she is safe, a parents job is never done is it? Veterans day is tomorrow, and I have two of my children in the Air Force.
Thank you, all who serve in our armed forces, it can never be said enough!

I hope to keep blogging for a long time, and I hope that all of you still want to read my ramblings and see my pictures.

Here is to my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY  in blogger land!!! and to many more, thank you all for reading and following me.

OH!! and by the way, where the heck did blogger hide spellcheck!!! LOL LOL I need that ap!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dublin has to have dental work....

Poor little Dublin has to go have his lower baby canines pulled on Friday.
When I took him in for his second set of shots, the Vet noticed his teeth are not meeting well.

The right lower canine is pushing into the upper gum, it should be outside the gum line. There is a little purple spot where the tooth is hitting the roof of his mouth.

The left side is much better,(middle pic) both of the teeth are outside the gum like they are supposed to be.

Here it is again,(last picture) I wondered at first "Why do they have to pull both of them?" duh, to let the jaw grow symetrical you have to, so he will get them pulled on Friday. Hopefully this will correct the problem and his adult teeth will come in normal. He was so good while we held him and took pictures, just a little wiggly LOL.
(hmm I have to get used to this new blogger format)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

News on Luxor !!!!!

We are so happy to get notice today that Luxor is in class!!!! He has a person, finally!!!
He will graduate from class on Nov. 14th! We will be there to see them graduate! And get to meet his person. This is the culmanation of raising a guide dog puppy, he made it!!
Whomever is getting him, is getting a really special dog!!!!
I will definately have pictures from his graduation!!!

For those of you that may be new to my blog our daughter Meghan raised Luxor and used that experience for her High School Senior Project.
We had Luxor through my brain tumor surgery and recovery, he even visited me in the Hospital.
Luxor went to school every day with Meghan, and to a WAHSET meet and everywhere that Meghan
went. We had him for 16 months before he went back to Guide Dogs for training.

Now he gets to fullfill his destiny.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Missing Guide Dog puppy....

Guide Dogs has a missing 3 month old puppy named Gannon in Lodi California. He is a black Lab and hopefully is found soon! He has tattoos in both ears so it would be pretty hard to hide what he is.
here is a link to all the info

For those of you that may be in that area.

More Dublin....

Dublin is getting big now! He weights 25lbs, and is 3 times bigger than Teddy, he was a little smaller than Teddy when we brought him home. He is starting to look like a big dog. Dublin has a canine tooth on the bottom left that is pressing into his gums, we are waiting on word from Guide Dogs on what to do, my Vet recommended that the tooth be pulled, so we are waiting and seeing what GD says. I have to take some photos of it to send to our club leader to send to GD.

Mom what are you doing now! LOL
Isnt he cute in his camo bandanna? He went with us on our drive last Sunday, he pretty much slept the whole day.

This was his spot for the whole drive LOL He was a very good puppy for being in the truck for 8 hours, with breaks of course.

Spend all that money on toys and his favorite is an old juice bottle LOL

He wasnt going to let go of it, this entertains him for a long time! I have had to throw one away so far because he about had the bottom chewed out of it.