Friday, July 31, 2009

Camas Days Parade 2, cool cars and fire trucks....

Old fire trucks are cool.

This old Powerwagon is cool! Owned by the State of Washington.

Shiny new fire trucks.

Cool old cars.

More Shiny firetrucks. And more cool cars, have no idea what this one is but it is cute!

And this group, Silver Star Search and Rescue. These people are awesome.

And they have cool vehicles too! These are the folks who come find you if you get lost in the wilderness, hunters, berry pickers, mushroom pickers etc. The Vietnamese and the Mexicans pick a lot of mushrooms and bear grass, unfortunately, and invariably, the rescue service is out looking for them. There are areas up here that a compass wont work, do to volcanic rock, and the trees and brush are so thick, GPSs wont work either.

This is their newest edition to rescue, the snow cat! They run off of donations, and its worth every penny!

I seriously want one of these!!! A Segway! It would be soooo much fun LOL.

More fire trucks, I love these guys and gals, they saved my life once.

These are cool old motorcycles too! What makes parades so fun to watch and participate in!?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Camas Days Parade highlights....Pirate Llamas and cool Veterans

Sorry the photos are washed out, it was soooo bright out.
These guys were so cool! Pirate Llamas The theme for the Camas days celebration and the parade was a pirate theme! Must be a theme for 2009 LOL if you remember our daughter got married in January and had a pirate theme for their wedding.

Isnt he cute!

Looks like he has Knickers on LOL

I thought it was really cool that he/she is a therapy llama!!

Posing for pictures.

I like the spotted one, really cute.

And there were a lot of cool veterans in the parade. A lot in period costume like this guy on his bike.

And these ladies in the cool old jeep!

VFW guys

And this guy, this is Del, he is pretty special, he is a veteran of Vietnam and a friend of ours!and just a great person.

These guys led the parade.
Thank you for serving all of you!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

105 DEGREES!!!!

This was at 1:30PM today. 98F

This was at 5:30PM! 105F!!!!!!!!! I took pic of two different thermometers because I couldnt believe it was that hot!! AC is not a common thing up here in the NW USA, so I spent all afternoon outside with my feet in a baby pool sipping a cold beverage! Yikes! forecast for 103F tomorrow, Wednesday.

Flight 72509, Wedding Saturday....

Flight 72509, I thought that was great! In the Maid of Honors speech she called the marriage that LOL as her and Wendy( the bride) are flight attendants. This is the wedding party, a big wedding party! The blue was very striking against the green of the forest.

The Groom, Jon

And his Bride Wendy.

MR and Mrs Jon and Wendy Peebles!
Jon is the last of us first cousins on the Peebles side to get married.
Our fathers are brothers, there are 10 kids in my dads family! So lots of cousins!

A beautiful couple!
Congratulations you two!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Macro monday, eeeewwwww a hot one!!!!

And this is not as hot as it is supposed to get! 102 Tues and 103 Wed!!!!!
NO air conditioning here!!!
I think summer is here!!!They say we havnt had a string of three days over 100 since 1981!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday stills, toys....

I guess you might call these girls my TOYS!
According to Hubby they dont have any other use!
Each to her or his own TOYS eh!

Mixing it up a little.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday skywatch....

This looked like a scorpian tail cloud. I just caught this at sunset.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guide Dogs, little puppy meeting....

Meet Jana, she is a 12 week old lab puppy for Guide Dogs for the blind. Those eyes, these dogs look right through you!

This is Dunstan, he is the same age as Jana.

Patience in a puppy, this is an older puppy.

Regal they are at times.That is not a muzzle but a headcollar, a great training tool!

This couple is so sweet, this is their first puppy. I did not get this pups name.

So pretty.

Doing the hands all over the body of the pup, so they are used to it, this is the only way a blind person can "see" the condition of their dog, so they have to be used to it.

The mouth too.

Another regal look.

And this is Jana again and her little miss.

I got flashbacks of Luxor, Jana really looks a lot like him, the folks that have her had babysat Luxor a lot, and they think so too!

She is a very pretty puppy.

Love the looks they get sometimes LOL

This is the picture that just gets me, she looks so much like Luxor in this picture!

She is pretty quiet and minds well and she seems very smart!
She has to be related to Luxor.

She is already staying on the long leash.

Everyone out in the parking lot, doing puppy training, there is even a manhole that they have to walk over, there was only 1 or2 out of 10 dogs that didnt like it, but they did it!
I am thinking I may get a puppy in Oct. it will be good for me to do something and get me out of the house too, not to mention having those silky ears to pet again!