Sunday, July 19, 2009

Aww Nuts! Sunday stills....

Sunday stills today The theme is Aww Nuts This is a Horse Chestnut tree. These happen to be the only nuts we have around.

Ed said he might get some posts of "fuzzy nuts" LOL Hey Ed how about spiky nuts! LOL LOL
When they drop to the ground they pop open like a tennis ball and the nut inside is a beautiful burgandy color, and no they are not edible, but they are pretty in a potpori mix.


  1. they look rather prickley, are they sharp(?)

  2. I blog here.
    Spiky nuts they are! Do you know what they are?

  3. ..whispers
    Yes they are sharp, especially when they dry out.

    They are Horse chestnuts.

  4. LOL! Spikey nuts they are, very nice..:-)

  5. Wow! I bet they could cause some discomfort if they fell on your head. lol!
    Cool pictures. I've never seen them before.


    ps You asked about those lots for sale in Christmas Tree Canyon. No, it isn't a campground. The land/lots are for sale to build your home or cabin on. There's no camping there.


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