Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday night ride....

Meghan and I rode last night! She hasnt been home, she has been working, so I havnt had anyone to ride with. The sun was so bright I tried to darken these pics somewhat, and it was really dusty. I got some pics of Meg and Easy. I finally had someone to take pics of me LOL.

Just dont look at my short pants LOL LOL, I wore these because they are comfortable, didnt realize they would be so short when I was in the saddle LOL. Oh well. Emma was good, she doesnt want to go fast at all LOL she was a brat when I asked her to trot, but for now thats ok with me that she doesnt want to go fast, as I wouldnt be able to keep up with her yet LOL, boy I am so out of shape! We trotted some and I posted, working on some exercise for me and keeping in sinc with her, did ok, I still have balance issues so I think riding will be really good for that.

We both need a lot more exercise LOL, and next time I may wear my spurs, she sidepassed ok, with a little argument, cramped up my muscles though LOL, and she backed beautifully, and did pivots good. I dont care to go fast at this point in my life so she is just fine for me! She isnt a slug on the trails, she walks out wonderful, and really enjoys trailriding, she hates roundy rounds in the arena type setting, we have to get out on the trails!!!

Fat girls posing LOL LOL

This was why I greyed down the photos, Emma just glowed in the setting sun light! LOL

oooo I think we are actually trotting here LOL I have to make fun of myself sometimes, I feel almost like I am starting all over again, I have all the knowledge and memory, but my body doesnt cooperate all the time, but we will work on it!!


  1. and why isnt blogger keeping the words with the pictures all of a sudden grrrr.


    We all think we could look better riding !

    Your mare is just so pretty...

  3. Barely noticed the pants , too busy looking at you beautiful horse

  4. If you put the photos in as left, right, or center - THEN those pesky writing should be under the pix. If you click "NONE" instead - then the writing is weird. Well that's what I remember anyway.
    Lots of LOL's there!Looks like you had some great fun.
    I agree with her - let's get out on the trail. Riding in a round/oval pen is for the BIRDS! :)
    Lovely pix!

  5. It's good to see you in some photos. Emma glows like an angel.

  6. Bevy, ya I have mine set to left, so I dont know, it just started doing this the last two posts. Thank you!

    NM Thanks, sometimes an evil angel LOL LOL (not really she doesnt have a mean bone in her body)

  7. LOL...Emma looks like Coyote...just a different color...never miss a meal! Still looked like a wonderful way to spend an evening.


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