Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Post, Dublins trip to the Pumpkin Patch....

On the way to the Pumpkin Patch we stopped to get fuel and there is a Pumpkin Patch and train ride next door. They have a really cute little blue train.

Last year they grew all the pumpkins, it looks like they bought some this year and scattered them through the field.

Dublin ready to go, with his orange bandanna on.

Never been to a Candy corn carnival LOL this sign was on the way to the Pumpkin Patch, at a Church.

Parking at Bi-Zi Farms, named for owner Bill Zimmerman. (oops posted one twice) The first striped tent is the pony ride, the next one way down there is the entrance, and you can see the top of the old homestead barn way in the middle, and at the top of this car on the far right, is the barn where we had dinner.
A pyramid of straw bales for the kids to climb.

Mud was a theme, it was a beautiful dry day, but the week before has been wet.

Pony rides, wow the lines to everything were a mile long, we didnt even go out to the Pumpkin patch this year because there were so many people, kids running everywhere! and all of them with a good coat of mud LOL.

There was a Bluegrass band there, we listened to them while we waited in line for our free hot cider and hot chocolate.

We were to meet the Guide Dogs of Clark County, our club, at 5:00pm for dinner, the food was great, we were stuffed! They reserve a barn for our dinner every year. We had a lady just walk in and take a plate of food too! Not someone that belonged to the club, just a random person. There were a couple other people that walked in and started to check out the food before they got told it was a private party. We need signs next year. Geez people are sooo rude, and did I say there were a lot of people there! Wow. I dont do so good in crowds anymore, it gets a bit overwhelming.
Dublin tied to a hay bale here while Meghan and I took turns getting some food.

This is what he thought of the whole thing! LOL

We were in this barn and the tractors with big trailers full of people, were going out to the pumpkin patch, I swear they had four tractors and trailers running, round and round.
I thought this driver looked a little like a farmer Hulk Hogan LOL LOL Meghan didnt think so much LOL

Another great big tractor, boy were they pretty loud! There is a great big pumpkin launch too, as you can see the sign in this picture, and some of the launch poles. Dublin did well, he got to see more people in one place than he ever has in his short life, got petted by lots of little kids and went to a petting zoo, and talked with a goat LOL All in all he took the distractions and people very well.
Bi-Zi Farms also has a huge corn maze and the huge pumpkin fields. There also was a "corn bin" where they filled a tent surrounded by straw bales with about 6-8 inches deep in corn kernels! Just for the kids to play in.
We were rather subdued in our visit this year, just because of the shear volume of people! The lines to get on the trailer to ride out to the pumpkin patch were very long, and there were two of them, a couple hundred feet long! They do have a nice area where you can wash your pumpkins off when you get back, but geez, we would never have made it back in time for dinner if we had waited in line.

This is a picture of the original barn, to the left of it is the petting zoo, a donkey, pot bellied pig, goats, turkeys, chickens, and you could buy feed to give them. To the right the bright red buildings, they have a farmers market, where all times of the year you can come and buy what produce is in season.

Here is that left side of the old barn where the pens are again, there were quite a few animals.

One tired little puppy after his big outing! Us to, we were going to walk out to the pumpkin patch, until we rounded the corner of the corn maze and seen how far it was out there! so no pumpkin this year. Last year we got pumpkins and walked through the corn maze, this year it was to muddy to do the corn maze.

My camera was on a scenery setting and the color is kind of funky, but that was our trip to the pumpkin patch! We had fun people watching and getting the puppy out in crowds of people, it was a good trip for him.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wild Turkey....

Not the Wild Turkey that may have come to mind! LOL
On our drive on Sunday we did see some game, I spotted these in a field.
Headless birds! LOL they wouldnt pick up their heads.

Those arent Turkeys! LOL But they were in the same field.

Oh look one looked up!

I tried to zoom in to catch a better picture of them, but kept getting headless birds LOL

Oh finally, just a touch blurry but I caught one! We have Merriam's Turkeys around here, on the East side of the state anyway. We dont see Turkey very often on the west side, probably to wet. As Hubby said, they are not very pretty birds. I really want to try to hunt Turkeys.

Then we drove by this gorgeous barn.

And....see them?

There they are, another flock of Turkeys.

These ran from us, and stopped at the fence line.

One last one got left, boy did she book it to the rest of the flock LOL

Hope you enjoyed the Turkeys and the Fall colors.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More pictures from Klickitat Wa....

This is sunrise looking East up the Columbia River Gorge, from Cape Horn. It was a beautiful morning, rain came in later in the day.

The Klickitat river, there were a lot of fishermen, salmon or steelhead running. Most of the fishermen were out on the Columbia River at the mouth of the Klickitat. This is rugged volcanic country, lots of rock.

More pretty fall colors.

A zoomed in picture of Mt. Hood. The area we were traveling it is in between Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams.

An old homestead barn. This barn is so neat looking and huge!

More Fall color, darn power lines, LOL.

Mt. Adams above this quaint little barn, this was all we could see of it later in the morning after the clouds came in, just its skirts, the snow is coming on both mountains.

Another cool barn, near Trout Lake, Wa.

I still have a lot more pictures to share, wild turkeys, we only seen 4 deer, didnt get pics of them.
Still have to post about our trip to the Pumpkin patch with the Guide Dogs club.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday stills, Landscapes, Fall Foliage

Sunday stills for this second to last weekend of Oct.
This is the Klickitat valley looking south, you can see Mt. Hood in the distance. That is the Klickitat River. This country is a lot different from 50 or so miles away where we live. On this drive you go from Fir trees and scrub Maple to Oak and Pine forest, it is a very dramatic change.
Most everything up there, the fall colors are yellow, very little red or orange.
I found a little orange and red in this fruit orchard that is at the end of its cycle. Near the town of Husum in SW Washington state. The foreground is blurry because we were driving.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Some architecture on Friday

I have to look up more when I am in town. This is from when we went to the Camas Days Parade this year. Downtown Camas Washington. Some of the old buildings are so pretty, the detail that they do not put into buildings these days. I love the relief designs on the facade of this building.

Some more detail on a building across the street. Very pretty. Is it to costly any more to make buildings pretty? And the next pictures are from across the pond.

The next pictures are taken by my daughter Sara in Iraq. She wanted me to ONLY post some of them on my blog, that said, these pictures are copyrighted by my daughter and I am posting them with permission, so here are a few for you to enjoy. This is the ceiling in the Al Faw Palace. Talk about intricate detail.

More ceiling detail in another room in Al Faw Palace. I love the colors here, the rich turquoise and subtle browns and greens.

A close up shows much more jewel tones, purples, pinks, greens, reds, beautiful detail.

And Al Faw Palace from the outside, I wonder if Hussein, appreciated the beauty of the place. I hope you enjoyed a little architecture today, from home and exotic locations.

And.... this last picture is where my daughter has to live for the six months she is in Iraq, on the left, fancy tents, at least they have air conditioning, which only works at night when the heat isnt to much for the air conditioners. When I talked to her on Wed. the temp was a cool 97 degrees!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hunting season

September 1st around here, hunting season starts, Hubby went for a ride with Bro-inlaw#1 and they got a grouse, we have Ruffed Grouse and Blue Grouse around here

Oct. 17th, Meg and Dad are up at dark-thirty and read to go for a drive up to hunting country, me I didnt get to go this time, Dublin had his puppy evaluation on that Sat.

My Dad never took me hunting when I was a kid, I never hunted until I married my husband. I have harvested a cow elk and two deer in the last 20 years, LOL it doesnt seem like much but it is a lot of fun, and not all about killing the animal either. We wont get to hunt much this year Hubby doesnt have any time off, with his new job and all, so we will go when we can, weekends or what ever. Just to get out and be in the Mtns is good for the soul.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Macro Monday....

What is it with dog noses LOL my Macro Monday is late today, havnt had much opportunity for picture taking lately, this just cracked me up though, so I hope it gives someone else a good laugh too!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday stills, the letter C....

I thought I might have a problem coming up with some C pictures, well seems not LOL I found some good ones!
The first is the C-at, in one of her favorite perchs, her name is Amber.

C-rawdad! These sure were good when we cooked them up this summer! It still amazes me that they are reddish dark brown before they are boiled, and this bright red-orange after cooking.
And the C-amas Days parade and a couple of cute C-amelids, or Llamas LOL

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