Sunday, November 23, 2014

I am still around

I am still around, still checking up and reading blogs. I am still getting used to this back to work thing 15 months later. I did catch this pretty little guy in the back yard.

Isnt he a cutey!! Would like one similar to him in the freezer! LOL

We are enjoying the antics of our neighborhood squirrels.

I did another bazaar this year, at our local High School. This is one of my finds that I painted.
 Turned out pretty cute.

We are now gearing up, as our youngest will be getting married next August! This is her and her fiance'.
Emma is doing better, time time time. Winter has hit us early this year, we usually dont get snow and ice until late January and February, but November has been unusually cold. I guess November has been terrible in most of the country though.

Whats your horse thinking?

Very interesting article.

About/from Temple Grandin. Whats your horse thinking?

Some insights into how horses see, think and feel.