Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First annual Hunter's Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

Had a good party last weekend. These two planned an Ugly Sweater party for Christmas!
 LeAnn and Meghan
 Brothers, Rick and Ron

 The party room, aka the garage.
 Photo wall!
 Rob and Meghan greeter, and LeAnn
 Who me?
 Meghan trying to surprise new arrivals
 Daddy Rick in his light up sweater!
 Cousin Sheri and her grandson Rory
 Lots of hugs involved
 Meg to Rory
 The cousins! Ron, Rob, Sheri, Rick,
 The back!

 Alan and DeeDee
 Meghan and Marques
Marques' family, Him Mayan, DeeDee (Mom) and NeeKee

 Add in Meghan! The kids are getting married next August!!!
 Meghan, Ashley S. and Ashley N. , Rob
 Posing in front of the wall! I made everyone pose in front of the wall.

Randy! he had a great sweater! LOL
 Randy, Bella, and Erin
 The back of Randy's sweater
 Rick and Randy
 Rick and Cousin John and wife Tina
 LOL the back of Marques sweater when he sat in the barber chair!

 Shane and Bobbi are photo bombed by the Hunter boys!
 Bobbi and Shane
Winners of the Ugly Sweater contest!  Rick for Ugly 3rd, DeeDee for Uglier, 2nd, and Marques won the whole thing with the Ugliest Sweater of the night! Voted on by all the participants! Honorable mention was Ashley S. with her Merry Fu#$%$# Christmas sweater!! LOL

DeeDee thought it appropriate that her prize matched the snowman on her sweater!! LOL
 John and Tina, they made it! After a detour because they thought the party was at my folks house! But they made it and that's what counts!!
All had a great time! Meghan has started planning for next year already!!