Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wow Summer has gone by fast!! Huckleberry picking and a trail ride.

Well we have done a few things this Summer. We finally got to go Huckleberry picking! 

Here we passed Bonneville Dam on our way up to pick.
 Bridge of the Gods, crossing the Columbia River from Washington to Oregon, it is a tole bridge.
 Beautiful Fir trees on our way up the mountain.
 More Firs! Yes this is the dead of August! It is really that green here in SW Washington!
 Panther Creek.
 Off of pavement up in Gifford Pinchot National Forest.
 Did I get one picture of Huckleberries, no, I did pick about 3/4 of a gal!! in three hours time. I have put them in the freezer, dont know weather to save them for a pie or make them into Jam!!

This is Wind River Gorge.
 Fun fun antiques store in Carson Wa. to go explore! Didnt on this day but have many time in the past.
 We took my cousin Liz's RV old Bessie! Here is Hubby driving and Liz.
 Beacon Rock state park, on our way home!

Went for a nice trail ride on Saturday with Meghan and our friend Glenna. We went to Whipple Creek Park, about 40 min. from our house. Nice hour and a half ride. Beautiful trails. Emma always has hay to munch! Keeps her out of trouble! LOL

 Meghan getting the old Lady, Easy ready.
 Mounted up, Glenna and her hubby Charlie in the background, and Glenna's mare Rosie.
 Cute! LOL
 I needed to change the photo setting on my camera, it was taking awful pictures!
 Glenna and Rosie.
 It was nice and cool, almost raining,.
 Taking pics of each other!

 Emma is a big chicken, she wouldnt go through here without Easy.
 The old Grist Mill.
 The plaque on the Grist Mill.
 Beautiful ferns everywhere!
 Ferns all the way up this tree trunk!
 Whipple Creek Stables. Sadly the man who built this wonderful facility passed away last year. Had many great times there. The stable property backs up to the Whipple Creek Trails, which is wonderful when you board there!!
 My wonderful colorful view from my lil' Appaloosa mare!
Great ride, I hope it isnt the last of the year! The rain is here for at least this week, should have another dry spell before our wet Fall sets in!