Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Tall Ships visit Washougal for the night

Long post!
This little restaurant on the Columbia River, called The Puffin, posted on facebook that the Tall Ships were here for the night! So I asked Hubby if we could go see them. Poor guy is on just a couple hours of sleep after his first night of graveyard shift. The Puffin restaurant has good food, with a Caribbean flair.
 The ships are docked at our local marina. You can see the tall masts way in the back, hard to tell with the light poles and the sail boat masts!
 This is the site of a restaurant where we had our Prom when we were in high school, and where Hubby and I used to go when we were dating. My Sister-in-law worked there as a bartender. It had one failed attempt at restarting, after being vacant for 10-15 years. (No surprise, Hubby and I ate in the restaurant one time after it opened back up, cost us $120.00! for two steaks, bread and salad, which we had to pay extra for, wasnt included with the meal!) Then someone else bought it, tore down the old building, which wasnt in the best of shape. He then built this modern building. Then he died, sadly his wife didnt want anything to do with it. So here it sits empty, for sale, for over two years now. I hope someone picks it up and finishes it. Would be nice to have a nice restaurant in town again.
 Three guys up in the rigging on the Lady Washington.
 The marina.
 They really are tall!
 The design is beautiful! Love the lines! The ramp on the right side, they do give tours of her, but not today. These ships are constructed of wood! The Lady Washington has a 22 foot beam (width)!!

 Lady Washingtons anchor.
 Some of the rigging, the photos of the sign, I posted below, say that there are 6 miles of rope!!
 Looking up!!
 The stern of the Lady Washington.
 The Hawaiian Chieftain.

 We ran into Hubbys cousins husband, and his sister, down to look at the ships too!
 The prow of the Hawaiian Chieftain.

 They have little cannons on board too!

 Neat windows.
 The back of this one reminds me of Pirate of the Caribbean!

 Poor Hubby, he relented, he didnt want to walk down to the public dock, its a long walk, at first, but he did it for me!

 Looking North West, you can see the Puffin from  the other side. You can pull your boat in and have lunch if you want!
 Looking South, Salmon fishing.
 It was a grey day, but it wasnt raining!!

 Here are the specs and info for the Lady Washington, pretty cool!!

 I think she is the prettier of the two.
 The prow.
 Guys way up in the rigging, doesnt look so far here. But....
 Zoom out half way....
 Then zoom out all the way!!! Wow!
 A guy down salmon or bass or sturgeon fishing ( you can only keep sturgeon, Thurs, Fri, Sat, so maybe not fishing for those. The shad are going to start running soon too.
 More boats salmon fishing. Looking East up river. Even on a grey day the Gorge is beautiful!
 Water around pilings. The Columbia is a dark green in color.
 The river side of the "new building". It will be a beautiful venue one day.
 And back up the ramps, on the way to the truck!
Hope you enjoyed seeing the Tall Ships! They were on the way up river to Hood River, Oregon, the next day.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pasture visitors

We had two Black Tailed deer yearlings go through the field at around 10:30 this morning. They were a little confused, looking to go back through the fence.
 They look pretty good. Mama probably chased them off to have her new babies, its that time here in the Pacific NW. Fawns are arriving here in May and June.

 They looked several places, and kept going.
 On around to the left and walked through the electric fence like it wasnt there! Their hollow hair must insulate them LOL.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Wet around here

It has been a really wet week here. Good news is it caught us up on the rainfall for the year so far. Has been 2 1/4 inches of rain in the last 72 hours the weather forecaster said this morning.
Just ducky weather! As this big ol Mallard will attest too!
 Emma out in the field, not to far from the duck. Thank goodness the mares are back to normal again!
 I have about 14 Dahlias up! If they dont rot in this wet!
 A better pose from Mr. Mallard. He is huge, looks more like a Rouen duck, domestic Mallards. He sure is pretty though!
 He wasnt to far away from Emma. The pasture was a lake this morning, it rained hard all night long. At least it warmed back up to 60 today, not so miserable.

Hope its dry and Springlike in your neck of the woods, or desert or wherever you are!