Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why I love my horse

Emma, MP Emmas Dun Dreamin, brat, booger, fat butt, spot, Emma Lou, Goofball. Whatever I call her at the time, I dont ever regret buying her. 

This is what Emma looked like when I seen her for the first time, in pictures. 
Look at that cute face! I fell in love with her, but had no clue that I would one day buy her.
A customer was coming into the feed store I worked and, and she later became a friend. She would always show me pictures of her foals. This year she had Emma and a really cute little palomino.  
When Emma was almost two, she asked me if I was interested, I didnt have the cash, but she let me make payments, until I sold the pony, Sugar, that Meghan had out grown. My original idea was to get another horse for Meghan to finish out her 4-H years with. Well that didnt work so well, Emma and Meghan didnt hit it off. So she has stayed mine.

The first clinic I took her to. A friend was generous and rather than lose the half of the down payment in a Pat Wyse clinic, she offered it to me if I would pay the other half! I had the money at the time! Her husband wasnt able to ride like they had planned, due to a bad knee. Hauled Emma all by my self 200 miles to the clinic.
 She was in as good of shape as I could get her at this time, she was 6 years old I think, LOL would have to go check .
Here she is with Sara, as a three year old, the next Winter after we got her. Chunky 3 year old huh? !! 
Yes there is a chain on her nose, she was a handful as a youngster! She made me learn a lot, I took a lot from Parelli teachings to get a handle on her on the ground. She still will knock you over if you let her. But is much easier to handle. I now have rope halters too, and that helps a lot.
 This was a killer, in more ways than one! Trail ride I went on with my friend Judy! I still say she tried to kill me! LOL A six hour ride, 3 hours up and 3 hours down! Emma was perfect that day too.
 Meghan did take her to horse camp one year. Found out she wont run, not fast anyway! LOL But she was good in the stall and did all the gaming patterns. For not being out like that before, it was a 4 day camp. She sure looks pretty though! LOL

She is a character of a horse, I always swear she was a Shetland pony in another life! If anything is in her reach, she steps on it, chews on it, or knocks it over, still!

She was foaled January 10th 2000. Early baby!

She is a very very food motivated horse. On the Parelli Horsenallity chart, she is evenly a Left brain, Extrovert/Introvert. She tries to be the dominate mare, her and Mickey battled it out for a year and a half. Finally Mickeys shear stubbornness won out! They still go at it sometimes. Emma is so bad when she is in heat, hazing Mickey, that I lock her up in the upper field by herself for four days! Every month.

Emma is an easy going horse, easy to catch, easy to groom and handle. She really doesnt care what you do to her. Punishing her with force, doesnt work, she just shuts down and takes it. Not that I do that, but I have had to get after her pretty hard. If someone says they never would with a horse, they are an accident waiting to happen. You have to have respect, without abuse. Again Parelli gave me a lot of good tools that I have used with her. She is a dominate mare and I cant imagine what she would have done with someone scared of her, been a terror I am sure. 

She is great to ride, not spooky at all. She takes everything in, in stride. Stoic about pain. She gets a little pissy with other horses in her space. She loads right in the trailer, has to turn around to come out though.
She rides very quiet in the trailer too.

I love this mare. She has always done anything I have asked of her. Of course we have had some minor come to Jesus moments, LOL, but dont we all.  This ride last Fall, she hadnt been ridden in 5 months, because of the muscle injury she had done to herself in the pasture or stall.
I rode her today. The first time I have rode her since the picture above, sadly. I need to ride more!!!
She as a perfect, good girl today. She walked, trotted, backed on a feather, with basically only my weight and legs, she sidepassed, leg yielded and basically did everything I asked her. Then we went out and rode around the neighbors field. The goat and the calf that ran up to the fence across the drive, bawling! made her a little spooky, but I just let her look and encouraged her. I dont get upset when they act up anymore, I look for reasons why. I keep saying Parelli, but until I studied their program I was at a loss for some tools to deal with things that happen. Not anymore, I enjoy the ride and the horse that shows up, because if I didnt, I wouldnt ride, period. Emma is perfect enough for me, I guess thats why she is mine!

Emma may probably be my last horse, she turned 13 this last January. I have hope and goals and things I want to do with her. I just hope I can do some of it.

Bucket list:
Trail rides
Extreme trail clinic at Mark Bolenders
Ride her on the beach
compete in some ACTHA rides

Now if only my pocket book would cooperate.  I have to go back to work and or get a lawyer and reapply for my SSDI, which the government took away this last March. Scary to think about going back to work, after being off for five years. But have to do something. My crafting ideas havnt panned out, I only have sold one thing on Etsy.  I cant afford the school I want to do, so I can work at home. So back to work I am going to have to try.

Maybe next time I will get some currant pictures of the mare and me. My new conchos look great on her bridle, when she has it on! I fitted my new over strap to my breast collar, and wore my new helmet for the first time! Thank you Megs! I do still love them!

I have been so envious of Nuzzling Muzzles and Lisa @Laughing Orca Ranch, the beautiful rides they have both been having! You can find both of them on my side bar. It is finally dry enough up here on the West side of Washington to ride!!

Here is to good horses and many many more rides!!


  1. NO wonder you love her, she is awesome!

  2. She seems like a wonderful girl, even with the quirks. Wishing you many wonderful rides this summer.

  3. I think the government is on a roll taking away people's benefits. They did it to my brother, so now I'm having to support him financially. Making and selling things just doesn't fly like it used to. So many people were burned in the economic downfall that they only buy necessities, or something they feel they can't live without. I've been exploring different career options and even considered going back to college, because I don't want to work 80 hours a week as a software tester anymore, and buying professional portraits is a luxury that only the wealthy are doing at the moment. I've been giving my skills away as donations to charities, which is fun and great, but doesn't help my family by bringing in money to pay the bills.

    I hope the weather dries up soon for you. It's been a long, wet winter. I feel like I moved to Arizona just in time to get out of that, but I'll be suffering soon enough.

  4. Thanks Fernvalley!

    Cindy D., quirks, yes she has a few LOL But I love her!

    Yeah Nuzz, I want to take some online classes in Medical Transcription, but I cant afford the $2800. for tuition and/or the payment plan the school offers. If I was an immigrant, well I could get all the help I needed (sigh). I am going to have to try to work and do school on the side. I really want to work from home.
    My Hubby makes to much money for me to get any kind of govt grant, I can get a loan, but that puts me in the same position.

    Sorry about your brother. All they said in my letter was "your are better than before" What the heck does that mean.

    She Moved.. I think she has a cute face too! She is really expressive too.


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