Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chickens and bunnies, bunnies and chickens....

Sorry no picture today, except the one in my head, I will try to share!

Went out to feed the horses this morning, as usual Easy was waiting outside, so her stall was empty. I get to throwing hay to the other two and filling Easys slow feed hay net. I hear crowing of roosters out behind the barn, so I walked to the back to take a look. There are three big white roosters and four big white hens, they are kind of a creamy white, but you get the picture. I am watching them, they are about 20 feet away.  They are the neighbors chickens, that run in the pasture. They scratch in the manure pile almost every morning, I dont mind all the bugs they eat.
The roosters are crowing every so often. Then I notice they are on alert, cluck cluck cluck in a deep voice, one of the roosters makes, with their funny head strut. To my left, on top of the manure pile, I see a wild rabbit. He is slowly stalking the chickens. I just assume it is a he, protecting his territory, rabbits are very territorial. He starts hopping towards the chickens, they continue to alarm cluck, as they slowly wander farther out in the pasture. He gets them far enough away and turns around and heads back towards the barn. He then sees a tweety bird, and proceeds to try to chase it away to! The little bird flies into the blackberry bush. (which I am spraying this week!) Silly rabbit!
I went back inside and finished feeding the mares. I dont think he tries to chase them off! LOL hmm but maybe thats why they were so squirrely when they came in last night!!! LOL LOL

People think rabbits are so cute and cuddly! But really they are evil, I tell you, evil !!! LOL LOL


  1. I did not know that rabbits were territorial.
    We have a herd...I do mean a herd too, of jack rabbits that live across the road from us. They love my neighbors perfect lawn which is at least an acre. It is not uncommon to look out in the evenings and see about 15 of them out there playing chase.
    Then the little bunnies like it at my house. They hang out with the ponies and pick up the anything that gets dropped on the ground.

  2. That is interesting, I've never seen a rabbit do that, of course I have my Jack Russell with me all of the time, so maybe that has something to do with it.

  3. I agree, bunnies are only cute in pictures!

  4. hey, i wanted to reply to your comment. thank you so much. you are the first person who has been able to help calm me down about how long it might take for her to settle down. i've never gone thru this before. my baasha didn't know germany at all, but he knew me, and relaxed completely. well, he'd seen a lot beforehand. i rode him around downtown seattle: pike place market, the space needle, safeco field, the ferry docks, etc. we did everything. so germany was no big deal. but for this little mare, everything is traumatic here.

    i'll tell you first - i just contacted the breeder and just now learned she's only 75% arabian. i'm so bummed about that. but i'll live. i'm gonna contact the stallion owner now, a half arab pinto mix thing. i see her in her relatives on the web, amazing. the mare owner tonight on the phone said, "i don't know what i was thinking, breeding an arab to a pinto."

  5. lol! You're right, too. I had a English Lop that would growl at me when I would reach into his cage to feed him or pick him up. Sometimes he would even strike out and scratch me! He was nicknamed Grouchy Bunny! lol!



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