Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I am still here!

Still here, just not posting much.

Went for a ride last Saturday, it was a fundraiser for some local trail restoration.  It was a day at the local Saddle Club, riding in their arena and outdoors, going through the trail course obstacles they have set up. I rode Emma, and went with my friend Carol, who rode her Rocky Mtn. mare Jazzy.

We had fun, got there around 10:30 and went in to sign up, $30. for the day to ride, and do the obstacles as many times as you liked.  We saddled up and messed around at the few obstacles close to where the trailer was, a curtain made of event flags, the ones that are always around a car or motorcycle track, I can never remember what they are called.  There was a teeter-totter bridge, which I didnt do because I believe the need a lot more work with that one on the ground, before you try to ride them over it. Carol led Jaz over it after we were done, she walked over it like a champ.  We then went to the inside arena. Keep in mind this is a do it yourself kinda thing,  they gave us maps, but we flunked reading them! LOL

Inside the arena we did, a log pole, sidepass, walked them up to a fake fire, one of those cloth air blown ones with lights, Emma didnt like that! There were also fake trees and a tent around the fire. Lots of different kind of walk over stuff, a course weaving through a whole bunch of potted plants, tarps to walk over and stuffed animals, Emma did really good!

We then went to the other side of the field, out behind the arena. There were a lot more obstacles, a water box, which Emma followed Jaz through, then later I got her to go through by herself too. Along one side of the property line was a bank that ran along the chain link fence with about 15 feet of room. A trail went through this low area with some obstacles. One was a car tent with Halloween streamers hung randomly from the ceiling, the other was an obstacle built with pool noodles that stuck out at 90*, the horse has to push through them. Emma doesnt like these, she feels like she has to step over them, the one outside was higher, up at shoulder and knee level, there was also one inside that was only just above knee level.

We played around and rode through most of the obstacles 3-4 times, the mares both did great! The only problem I had was when we were on the level above the outside sunken trail! For some reason it was really scary for Emma to have those people and horses down below her! But we worked through it, she is so funny!

At the other end of the sunken trail were some natural obstacles and a gate, and also some large probably 8x8 three tier steps, they were a high step about 16 inches, we went down them first and then up them. There was also some more natural trails winding in and out of trees and another small bridge over there.

It was a pretty great day! Thought we were going to get wet at first, then it cleared up and was pretty nice. we rode until about 1:00PM and then tied the mares up and went inside and had a hamburger! Sure tasted good after a day of riding! I was proud of Emma, she is a bit of a chicken, but when she doesnt want to do an obstacle on her own I just get off and lead her through, then she usually will go through with me on her. She loved the natural trails around the trees and over the logs.

I so want to go up to Silver Springs and The Bolender place and do some extreme trail, I think she would love it! She does not like doing roundy rounds in the arena, funny cuz she hasnt been ridden in one a whole lot, but she turns into a different horse, ears back, tail wringing. She gets bored so fast! When I was putting her under saddle, I line drove her with the saddle maybe twice, she drove around and wove through cones like she had done it all before. Thats how she has always been, do it once or twice and she is looking for something new. I think thats why she likes getting out trail riding and just going. I swear she is to smart, sometimes for her own good!  I always say she is my Shetland pony incarnate, in a 1200lb. body! If she can reach it, she will play with it or chew on it, knock it over, or step on it, or open it. Have to keep things out of her reach.

I have been working part time at a local smaller club store, has things like Target, some groceries, clothing, sporting goods, hardware and electronics, as well as a pharmacy. I am cashiering, and so far I am doing pretty good, although an 8 hour day tires me out pretty good, I usually work 5-6 hours, which is perfect. At least I am making enough to match what I had gotten from disability SSDI before I lost it in March.

Starting to think about the holidays, dont know what we are going to do this year as I will probably work all through. I will get my employee discount in Nov., so it will be great to have before Christmas.
We are having an Indian Summer here in the NW, I sure hope I can find the time to go for another ride before the weather turns again.