Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween, Meghan and the pups

We took the puppies up to see Meghan at work today! She was dressed as Supergirl, and we put the Superdog costumes on that Meghan got them.  There were lots of photos taken!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Laugh for the day!

Dublin tried to escape from his SuperDog costume last night. He stood like this for a minute before Meghan rescued him, because we were all laughing so hard!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RV owners again.... Unique RV owners!

Our new RV is a 16" travel trailer, rebuilt 1975 vintage!
The kitchen. Typical sink and nice stainless oven. It does have a heater in it too.
 Whomever did the rebuild on this trailer, was pretty thorough. On this left side was a refrigerator, one thing we are going to put back in it. We have an old cabover camper, c. 1976 that we need to scrap, it has gone beyond being able to be repaired. The old camper has a fridge and a lot of usable parts to finish out this trailer. Also everything is pretty much the right size, as they are so close in age. There is also new vinyl on the floor, nice looking vinyl! I kinda want to put a door on the upper half of that back cabinet. There is a door in the camper that may work.
It even has cute curtains!! Elk, bear and turkeys!
 There is a dark navy floral print on the cushions, kinda doesnt fit with the redo, but not going to complain, they are virtually new! We need to put slide outs for the beds, there will be two. We should only need one sheet of plywood and some support legs for that. All the hard work has been done.
 Lots of room for a 16' trailer! Room for us and the puppys!
The bathroom is even cute! The bear TP holder has got to move though, LOL, he is kinda in the way where he is. There is even a small stand up shower. The toilet is new too!!! The most important part, in my opinion!!!! LOL
And on to the outside! It is definitely unique! It has many many hours of camouflage work!! (He he he it matches our truck, green!
 Its kinda like "Wheres Waldo" when you walk around it!! LOL Above the window is the only Dove. There are elk, deer, bears, and a Hunter with a rifle! lots of fern and cedar leaves. It looks like they coated the whole outside with a roof coat, before it was camoed, all the seams are sealed up! ( I looked at the roof and it is white.)

 It really does grow on you after awhile!! LOL We dont go camping in RV parks, mostly we are hunting, berry or mushroom picking, or just camping up in the woods. So it is perfect for us, our last name is Hunter by the way! LOL
Someone spent a lot of time on this.
 My cousin had bought it and they dont have anything that will pull it now. We went to look at it and decided it was in really good shape for its age, most of the work having been done already! So we made her an offer and brought it home.
We will make it our little theme trailer! LOL Like those ones the Cowgirls camp in, but a hunting version!!
Cant wait to get out camping again!! There are lots and lots of items in the Cabelas catalog that will match the theme! LOL LOL

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Horse slaughter, thoughts?

No matter what side you are on the slaughter issue. Something needs to be done.

Read Richards post.
Dont send your horses to an auction, humanly dispose of them when needed.

A sad time in the US for horses.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pictures of Emma and I on trail ride

I am so happy to have a few pictures of us on a ride!!! I am always taking the pictures and dont get ones of myself very often.
Here we are all getting saddled up after arriving at Battle Ground Lake.
Me and Emma, Judy and Rhythm, and Carol, Carol hauled us all up there.

Me and my pony. Yes I wear a helmet every ride. Especially now that I have a hole in the back of my head.  Here we stopped for Carol to take a pee break.
 Mary Ann took all these photos. Thank you Mary Ann!!!

On the trail.

After the ride. She was one tired pony, thus the camped out stance, LOL, she didnt want to move when I turned her for the photo! LOL Boy was she one sweaty pony!
Hope we can go again soon!!!
Finally some rain in the forecast for this coming weekend.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Summers bounty

Still getting lots of stuff out of the garden!! Squash, zucchini, mini pumpkins today! Also some tomatos. 

I picked my coriander today too! That was a pain!! LOL Almost squished a spider! eeeuuuww!
Hubby and I bought 20lbs of cucumbers yesterday. Meghan and Daddy worked hard today to get them all put up! 42 jars of pickles! Some with jalapenos in them.
 Bought like 3lbs of peeled garlic at Costco, and had some left so they pickled that too!! Also some with jalapenos in them! LOL
We think we are done canning now, but you never know! Tuna, corn, applesauce, pickles, green beans, pickled vegie mix, jam and jelly, oh and jalapenos!! Now to enjoy it all Winter!!