Thursday, July 29, 2010

Woodin you, beautiful silver tags, handmade....

Amy said that they run at $15 each. There are a variety of shapes too. I am going to order one with each puppy as a keepsake. Check out their website they have some neat stuff!!!
Woodin You and their blog Woodin You Blog

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Walk....part 2

As we continued our walk, it really was hot, despite the nice breeze off of the river. Here at the end of this road is the "Horse trailer" parking for those that wish to ride their horses on the dike. OK to turn around a two horse, but my 4 horse barely fits, I would be more comfortable pulling into the business here and backing in, I would hate to get my rig stuck here, jammed in unable to turn around.

The other real pain when you ride here, is your horse has to be able to go through this "horse gate" it is pretty deep, and no other way up onto the Dike with a horse. Our horses havent had a problem with it but I can sure picture a disappointing fight with one that wouldnt walk through this thing. It is difficult for ponies too, as it is pretty deep, sand at the bottom, I would estimate it is up to a 15H horses knees.

This business, at the end of the green fence, is Exterior Wood Inc. Hubby worked there for 15 years. Hubbys middle brother still works there, and has been there probably better than 25 years. They make treated wood decking, and fence posts, etc.

We walked a little bit farther, up to the 3/4 mile marker. The total length up to the gate for the public is about 3 1/2 miles I believe, so if you walk the whole thing its 7 miles out and back. It was getting pretty hot and I was worried about the hot rocks on Dublins feet so we headed back. Here is a view of the river when we turned around.

This time we went down the steps, instead of the ramp, still difficult for me with my bad knees, slow but we did it. This could really be a good workout for someone running, or walking LOL that can do stairs.

And back through the tunnel. I thought the lights were cool, they are probably pretty after dark, This area closes at 10pm, I believe.

This is Pendlton Woolen Mills outlet store, and the end of our short walk, we are back at the parking lot. I love shopping there! LOL  The water fountain on the left, has a dog bowl at the bottom! I thought that was so cool! Havnt seen a fountain like that. The light post on the right has a sign that says " this area under survelance" there is a camera at the top. There is a problem with skateboarders here in town, the buggers tear up everything, sliding down the curbs doing their skating "tricks". Even though the town built a Skate park for them. I would hate to see these beautiful rock benchs ruined by them.
Hope you enjoyed our little walk, we will do it again!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walk on the Dike....part one

The weather has cooled down some, at least it isnt 93 degrees! It was 80 today, I decided to go take a walk with Dublin. Our walk started at the new tunnel. The official ribbon cutting ceremony isnt until Aug. 14th! The city is having its grand opening ceremony then. I was not in favor of this tunnel at first, because it was going under the highway. My first thought was floods??? But they kept it on the inside of the Dike. It did turn out well.

They started it in 2009, so I guess that is why the big plaque(on the right) says 2009, it was just finished in June of 2010?? Hmm

Inside the tunnel are these monoliths, with the recreation of local petroglyphs. Pretty cool!

Three of them in the center.

The top face is called Tsagaglagal "She who watches"
link to the local Native American legend. I would love to go see this in person some time.

The rock at the other end of the tunnel, commemorates the people who worked on this project. I know quite a few of them.

Up at the top of the Dike, looking south towards the river, is a viewing platform. So we walked down there.

This is behind us looking back down to the tunnel. Stairs on the left, and the handicapped ramp on the right.

Looking West, the Dike ends about a quarter mile in this direction.

Looking East, the path we will take.

Meanwhile, we walked down to the viewing platform. Looking East again, up river.

Looking West again, there is a fishing dock, the other end leads to a parking lot on this side of the Dike, you have to cross the highway to get to it that way. Here you can possibly catch, sturgeon, small mouth bass, squawfish(there is a bounty on these in the Columbia), starry flounder, salmon, steelhead, carp, and probably a few others, if you can entice them to your hook that is! LOL I have caught all of these just a little farther up river from here, off the bank, and when we had our boat we caught a lot of sturgeon.

Here are some fishermen, one coming down river and one anchored, may be still fishing for some late salmon?? Dont know what is running right now, will have to ask Hubby.

The water in the Columbia River isnt real clear, usually it is a green brown color, full of algae.

East off of the viewing platform are some old pilings. The water is still really high for this time of year.

And back up at the top again. There have been a few different names for the Park at the middle of the Dike. When I was a kid it was Cottonwood beach, but everyone called it BA beach, yes BA stands for what you think it does! LOL
Now they have renamed the area Captain William Clark Park, after the Lewis and Clark expedition that came through here.

Looking East again, at Mt Hood, beautiful and deadly she is. They still havnt found, four climbers that I know of from the last couple of years, that have gotten lost up there. She is about 40 miles away from us.
That concluded the first part of this post....back tomorrow!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Northwest sunset....

Fresh off of the camera 2 min. ago! (@ 9pm pacific.)

Just so pretty I had to share! Have been seeing all those pretty New Mexico sunsets, we have some too! LOL LOL The West window was glowing orange and I knew I had to run out with the camera! Enjoy!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Camas Days....

Hubby and I went to the Camas Days festival, today. We walked through and seen the vendors and the Childrens Parade was going on. There were a lot of people! I loved this "Water Wagon" I thought it was pretty cool! There were barrels on both sides with water cups for free water.

It wasnt to hot today only around 83, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be 93! I am glad we went on the first day. The big parade is on Sat., but Hubby has to work, and I wont have a car. We are dropping the truck off at Les Schwab in the morning to have some work done on it. Hubby wont be home until after 3pm.

The start of the Childrens Parade.

It was pretty busy, Dublin did wonderful, we received a free bottle of nice cold water from the lady at the Allstate booth. Downtown Camas is so pretty with all the trees and old buildings. It has character.

Dublin got his flower from the Lions club, to show support for our veterans, yes we donated!! The Lions do a lot of good work in our communities around here. Not to exciting of a day but we had fun, and Hubby got his Starbucks!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Stills....Summer

Hmm Summer, this is what really says that Summer is here to me. We used to go pick up hay in the field when I was a kid, just a little ways from our house. I first drove the truck pulling the hay for a friend, my first paid job LOL, when I was 13. Taking Meghan and her goofy friends, all young boys, to pick up hay out of the field when Meghan was about 13, never laughed so hard at the teenage antics LOL. The smell. The sight of the little bales laying in rows, the long days in 90 plus degree weather, making trip after trip to pick up the hay. Long sleeves and gloves. Stacking hay on the truck and trailer till you cant stack anymore.... ah the memories of summer.
For more Sunday stills take the link.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vancouver, WA. Farmers Market....puppy outing

Dublin at the Farmers Market. Yes, he has a Halti on, he was being a little too distracted, with people and other dogs, so I asked our club leader for one. They are a wonderful training tool, and a gentle way to keep their attention.

This was why he was so distracted, it was very crowded and there were a lot of pet dogs there.

There wasnt any fast walking! For the most part people were good, but there are a few that have to pet every dog that goes by, the adults are worse than most of the kids! I always hear parents telling their kids they cant pet the dog, its a working dog. Thank you for educating your kids!!! Peoples dogs on those long retractable leashs are also a major obstacle, it amazes me that people dont realize what a pain that is, its almost as bad as a loose dog, sometimes worse.

There is a lot of neat stuff at the market, garden art, lots of food! Honey, jam, smoked meats, a Friend had a booth with all kinds of lamb, I got to taste some of the burger with garlic, blue cheese, cumin and salt and pepper, in it, YUM!!

This is Popcorn, she is changing raisers and going to our club leader, her currant raiser picks up a new puppy this afternoon and will give her to the club leader then. We had a bit of a training meeting with the pups, breakfast snacks were brought, then we walked through the market together. Another of our raisers, who at this time has a career changed pup, has a booth at the market, so we visited her. Her pup is going through training and evaluation for becoming a therapy dog for kids with cancer. Her business in called Woodin You check it out they have some really nice dog stuff!
A couple of cute long haired Daschunds. I really didnt take a lot of pictures, I was to occupied by getting Dublin through the crowds with minimal distress, for him and me LOL.

Dublin really wasnt happy to have a Halti on LOL, he was pouting, which translates to ears back and head down, he did good though and didnt try to rub it much. A Halti is really like a halter for dogs, like a halter you put on a horse. They are very humane and most dogs respond to them well. There is a safety strap that goes from the Halti to the collar, just in case they rub it off.
We had fun, I came home with Walla Walla onions, these are the best!!! Zucchini, cucumbers and some strawberry rhubarb jam. Cant wait to taste it! We most certainly are going back! I want some raw honey, and probably some more vegies too.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


How do you know when its time to put a lame horse down. Statement not a question, or both.
I am watching Mickey slowly deteriorate, she is uncomfortable, constantly shifting her weight side to side on her front legs. I trimmed her feet the other day, and every time I go out I swear she has a new lump or bump from her knees and or hocks down. She is deteriorating from arthritis I believe. Its time to get the Vet out and do an evaluation. I dont want to put a lot of expensive drugs into her, she is my $300 wonder horse. Who has taught me a lot over the last 19 years. I dont want her to suffer. I walked out tonight and she was stretched out standing in pain, it makes me so sad. I was going to catch her this morning and bring her into her stall, but she wouldnt have anything to do with it, didnt want to be caught. I could have caught her if I had persisted, but I didnt. She is 21 years old this year, we brought her home on the 4th of July, 19 years ago. Just need to find the strength to make that call to the vet....
She has been a good little mare and I owe her that much.

This means Summer is finally in full swing!!!!

They finally cut the hay in the neighbors field, Ah the smell of fresh cut hay!

This was a pretty big tractor. Pulling the cutter, I dont remember the proper name LOL LOL
Here he is a couple days later with the baler, and a different tractor. He had a different tractor for each stage of the harvest, cutting, raking, and baling. Thats a lot of money!
And the bales coming off the the baler.
I was trying to take pics without hims seeing me LOL. They left some bales in the field? Which usually means that they were too wet. This years hay, unless it was sprayed for weeds doesnt look very good, full of weeds, daisys, thistle, etc. I wouldnt want to buy it for my horses, may be ok for cattle or goats.
Also I think the ground was still to wet out here to cut, the hay is awful green, I would be salting it to death if it was in my barn, can you say fire hazard!
I usually buy the eastern Oregon hay from the local Dairy that is one mile from us, I may pay more for it, but it is usually better hay. Some of our local hay is good, lower protein, which is good for horses, about 6-8%, great filler for easy keepers. Good for most with a little grain supplement in the Winter, and mineral supplement, especially selenium. I have fed and do feed local hay sometimes, but it has gotten so expensive with the fuel and all, around $4-6 a bale, and they are usually only 50-60lbs. I bought Eastern grass yesterday for $11 a bale, and they are 90-100lb bales, hmm the math isnt so far apart. Plus with the hay grown out of the area they get some other nutrients that they wouldnt get from local hay. Just some of my thoughts on hay.

Meghan had her wisdom teeth pulled on Tues. she has been miserable. Her and Dublin have been doing a lot of napping. He seems to really enjoy that. She had one get impacted and has had headaches for a month, now we know why! She only had two on the bottom, so she didnt have to have four pulled! I had all four pulled, when I was 20 or so. She is doing good now, eating soft foods, and complaining about being hungry LOL.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off for a few days....

Alas I will be off for a few days, my computer cord died :0(
Went to Best Buy to get one and they wanted $109.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sheesh, went home and got on the internet and bought one off of Amazon, brand new for $21.91!!! plus 4.95 shipping, so for $30 I got a new cord!!! Just have to wait for it to get here, sometime between the 15th and 20th, its going to take forever!!! How am I going to keep up with my Blog, Facebook, my FB games, my E-mail.....LOL LOL
I have been commandeering Meghans computer when I can! LOL
So if I am scarce for a week that is why! I will try to read and keep up with Blogs though!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dublins Birthday!!!

Wow! Dublin is one year old today!!! How time flys!
Here he is with his birthday hat, and his new birthday bone!

This is the day we picked him up at Guide Dogs in Boring, Or. He was so sweet then and he still is.

The three puppies that came that day, Josh, whos 1st Birthday was yesturday July 10th! Dublin and McCoy, who has gone to a club up near Seattle.

Dublin, then....

And now....LOL he still sleeps in weird possitions!