Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Walk....part 2

As we continued our walk, it really was hot, despite the nice breeze off of the river. Here at the end of this road is the "Horse trailer" parking for those that wish to ride their horses on the dike. OK to turn around a two horse, but my 4 horse barely fits, I would be more comfortable pulling into the business here and backing in, I would hate to get my rig stuck here, jammed in unable to turn around.

The other real pain when you ride here, is your horse has to be able to go through this "horse gate" it is pretty deep, and no other way up onto the Dike with a horse. Our horses havent had a problem with it but I can sure picture a disappointing fight with one that wouldnt walk through this thing. It is difficult for ponies too, as it is pretty deep, sand at the bottom, I would estimate it is up to a 15H horses knees.

This business, at the end of the green fence, is Exterior Wood Inc. Hubby worked there for 15 years. Hubbys middle brother still works there, and has been there probably better than 25 years. They make treated wood decking, and fence posts, etc.

We walked a little bit farther, up to the 3/4 mile marker. The total length up to the gate for the public is about 3 1/2 miles I believe, so if you walk the whole thing its 7 miles out and back. It was getting pretty hot and I was worried about the hot rocks on Dublins feet so we headed back. Here is a view of the river when we turned around.

This time we went down the steps, instead of the ramp, still difficult for me with my bad knees, slow but we did it. This could really be a good workout for someone running, or walking LOL that can do stairs.

And back through the tunnel. I thought the lights were cool, they are probably pretty after dark, This area closes at 10pm, I believe.

This is Pendlton Woolen Mills outlet store, and the end of our short walk, we are back at the parking lot. I love shopping there! LOL  The water fountain on the left, has a dog bowl at the bottom! I thought that was so cool! Havnt seen a fountain like that. The light post on the right has a sign that says " this area under survelance" there is a camera at the top. There is a problem with skateboarders here in town, the buggers tear up everything, sliding down the curbs doing their skating "tricks". Even though the town built a Skate park for them. I would hate to see these beautiful rock benchs ruined by them.
Hope you enjoyed our little walk, we will do it again!


  1. How nice to have the dike so close to home. It's nice to see that they made it horse friendly too!

  2. That was interesting. Loved the art.

  3. There's some good planning, and some not so good planning. I suppose the planners didn't consider larger trailers might need to park there or that not all horses are 16.3hh warmbloods. Oh well, it looks like a great place to ride and the dog water bowl is da bomb!



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