Thursday, July 15, 2010

This means Summer is finally in full swing!!!!

They finally cut the hay in the neighbors field, Ah the smell of fresh cut hay!

This was a pretty big tractor. Pulling the cutter, I dont remember the proper name LOL LOL
Here he is a couple days later with the baler, and a different tractor. He had a different tractor for each stage of the harvest, cutting, raking, and baling. Thats a lot of money!
And the bales coming off the the baler.
I was trying to take pics without hims seeing me LOL. They left some bales in the field? Which usually means that they were too wet. This years hay, unless it was sprayed for weeds doesnt look very good, full of weeds, daisys, thistle, etc. I wouldnt want to buy it for my horses, may be ok for cattle or goats.
Also I think the ground was still to wet out here to cut, the hay is awful green, I would be salting it to death if it was in my barn, can you say fire hazard!
I usually buy the eastern Oregon hay from the local Dairy that is one mile from us, I may pay more for it, but it is usually better hay. Some of our local hay is good, lower protein, which is good for horses, about 6-8%, great filler for easy keepers. Good for most with a little grain supplement in the Winter, and mineral supplement, especially selenium. I have fed and do feed local hay sometimes, but it has gotten so expensive with the fuel and all, around $4-6 a bale, and they are usually only 50-60lbs. I bought Eastern grass yesterday for $11 a bale, and they are 90-100lb bales, hmm the math isnt so far apart. Plus with the hay grown out of the area they get some other nutrients that they wouldnt get from local hay. Just some of my thoughts on hay.

Meghan had her wisdom teeth pulled on Tues. she has been miserable. Her and Dublin have been doing a lot of napping. He seems to really enjoy that. She had one get impacted and has had headaches for a month, now we know why! She only had two on the bottom, so she didnt have to have four pulled! I had all four pulled, when I was 20 or so. She is doing good now, eating soft foods, and complaining about being hungry LOL.


  1. We have some hay down in the area as well, and then lots of rain ,so that will be a poor harvest .Our own hay is not yet cut , but it is ready so... Your hay costs seem similar to ours .though I pay less as we put up pour own .I still buy some square bales for the babies . Hope Meghan feels better soon .I had my wisdom teeth out at 16 ,they were all impacted and I was a pathetic gal afterwards I am feeling her pain!

  2. I love the smell of fresh cut hay too; unfortunately, my sinuses don't and they close right up right about the time I have my first whiff :(

    Poor Meghan, I know how awful getting my wisdom teeth out was, and I wish her a speedy recovery!

  3. I had my bottom two wisdom teeth out last summer. Oh what a pain! They gave a 110 lbs girl 500g of vikadin. Oh did that make me sick and it didn't help that I was allergic to the anesthetic. Freya did what Dublin is doing. Dogs know what's going one. Tell her to feel better for me.

  4. Awww sweet Dublin must know that Meghan needs a quiet friend to cuddle with. Dogs can be such a comfort during stressful and painful times. I wish I would have had my Dobbie girl when I had gotten injured last year and had my ACL surgery. I bet I would have healed faster and felt better sooner. Dogs just have that way about them. They are natural healers. :)

    I love the smell of hay. It's neat you live in a hay growing area. Noone grows hay up here due to lack of rain and poor, rocky soils. Down in the valley there are some hay growers, but the hay isn't always very good.
    We tend to buy our hay from California and Colorado.



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