Friday, July 2, 2010

Fireworks booth and puppy meeting....

We worked the fireworks booth again on Thursday, had a long day, worked 2-6pm then we had a puppy meeting at 7pm. We were rained out! Had to stay inside. We were there until 8:30pm.
Dublin is such a ham, LOL, I swear he poses for pictures!
Some of the other ladies from the club and one Lions club member.

One of the other pups that joined us an hour or so before the meeting.

We had to all crowd in the tent because Mother Nature has decided it must rain, again. It was pretty wet, we were supposed to meet outside where we could work the puppies a little. So we just talked for the whole meeting, got a lot of business done and some evals of the smallest puppies.

This little guy is Sweeney, he is one of the new puppies, they come up with some interesting names! I couldnt get a better pic of him, he wouldnt hold still LOL.

This is Nuella, she has the cutest face! and she knows how to work the cute puppy eyes! LOL LOL, she made me laugh, she looks up at you with her ears laid flat and has the most pathetic face expression LOL. Love those big brown eyes! She is one of the younger pups too.

And our handsome boy, he was so good, loved greeting people, and was really well behaved.
That evening we got to meet a black Newfoundland puppy, he was 15 weeks old and as big as Dublin!! I wish I had gotten a picture of him, his face is so cute! and he is a big fluff ball LOL.
One more day left for us to volunteer at the Fireworks booth, we have our Saturday shift left.
Then 4th of July will be here! Its going so fast. It sounds like we have company coming over, Megs Boyfriends parents, and sisters. We are going to BBQ Kabobs, with chicken and kielbasa and vegies! Yum!


  1. Great pictures ! and what a lovely dog Dublin has grown into!

  2. Hope you had a great 4th of July! Posted your Resilient Story on my blog today. xoxo


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