Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dublins Birthday!!!

Wow! Dublin is one year old today!!! How time flys!
Here he is with his birthday hat, and his new birthday bone!

This is the day we picked him up at Guide Dogs in Boring, Or. He was so sweet then and he still is.

The three puppies that came that day, Josh, whos 1st Birthday was yesturday July 10th! Dublin and McCoy, who has gone to a club up near Seattle.

Dublin, then....

And now....LOL he still sleeps in weird possitions!


  1. I can't believe it's already been a year! He is such a handsome boy!

  2. HAppy Birthday Dublin! wow he has grown , time has really flown by

  3. Happy Birthday Dublin!!! Poor Deanna is on campus in heat and Doug will hopefully be back tomorrow from his 3+ week medical eval (which went good!).

    I'm facebook friends with their sister Dakota, let me know if you are on facebook and I will send her info your way!


  4. That is so cute how comparing those now and then pictures. He looks so content in both! Happy Birthday, Dublin. Love your hat!

  5. Happy birthday to your dog. He is very cute :) I love dogs.

  6. Love the birthday picture and the "then and now" of him sleeping. What a character!

  7. A year already? Happy birthday, Dublin!

    McCoy was career changed a couple of months ago and I'm not sure where he is now.

  8. Ah yes Martha, a year already.

    I wasnt aware that McCoy was career changed. Do you know what for?
    Dublin I believe is going all the way to Guide! as long as they dont find anything physically wrong with him. Of course I would love to have him if he doesnt make it.

  9. Oh my goodness! Happy Birthday Dublin!

    He looks so grown up now...but with a bit of puppyness in his eyes still.

    I love that first photo. Adorable!



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