Sunday, November 23, 2014

I am still around

I am still around, still checking up and reading blogs. I am still getting used to this back to work thing 15 months later. I did catch this pretty little guy in the back yard.

Isnt he a cutey!! Would like one similar to him in the freezer! LOL

We are enjoying the antics of our neighborhood squirrels.

I did another bazaar this year, at our local High School. This is one of my finds that I painted.
 Turned out pretty cute.

We are now gearing up, as our youngest will be getting married next August! This is her and her fiance'.
Emma is doing better, time time time. Winter has hit us early this year, we usually dont get snow and ice until late January and February, but November has been unusually cold. I guess November has been terrible in most of the country though.

Whats your horse thinking?

Very interesting article.

About/from Temple Grandin. Whats your horse thinking?

Some insights into how horses see, think and feel.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Double 50th Anniversary party

My Dad and Mom, Cliff and Nancy, they were 18 years old when they got married in 1964.

Butch and Josette, they also were only 18 when they got married in 1964.

The two couples met while the men were in the Army, stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. Unbeknownst to the guys, they both visited the same jeweler when they were at basic training in Missouri. Mom and Josette have the same wedding set.

They would meet later that year and realize that they had the same rings!!!

Setting up the cake table.
 We made posters with photos from through the years.
 I made the cake toppers. Finding things in gold this time of year, when Christmas is just being put out by retailers is kinda hard! LOL I found some gold tinsel.
 The beautiful flowers that Gregs (Butch and Josettes son) had his cousin Mel make.
 The other cake topper.
 Hard to see, but we had two sets of wine glasses etched with their names, 50 years and the year they were married. I made wine glass charms for the glasses. The couples had a neat idea and traded one glass, so they both had one of each others! I thought that was pretty neat.
 The topper on the cakes. Ricks and my daughter, Meghan made the cakes and she did a beautiful job! so wonderful!!! And a lot of work!!! They had a layer of buttercream on the bottom and a layer of oreo filling on the top! Triple layer cake! It is so good tasting too!!

 Hubby, Rick and Greg, having a "Treager"" talk. They cooked pulled pork for three days! and were doing chicken here. There was no lack of food! We provided the meat and pop and water and had a potluck for the rest.

Cutting the cake.

Old friends, it was so fun listening to their stories about there time in Alaska! Dad told his version about how Josette was so mad at him after he stuck an icicle in her door and locked her in all day. When they finally let her out later that day she chased him around with a broom for a 1/2 hour!  Josette says they came over to their little apartment and Dad crashed on her couch, there were only 4 seats in the whole apartment and he was taking up three! She said she chased him out the door, sans shoes! with the broom and when he tried to get back in, beat his foot with the broom!! LOL Either way it was pretty funny!! Dad bought a broom and had me paint on the handle "Josette's Ass Whipper" LOL She loved that!! He gave it to her when he told his story! 
 My Dad and his oldest friend, Doug.

 Couples dance with Mom and Dad.
Gregs wife, Harmony, put together a poster with photos from the couples time in Alaska.
 Mom and Josette.
 Meghan, my cousins, John and Steve, and Hubby.

 Two old friends, Bob and Glen. Bobs wife Judy worked for Mom and Dad in their floor covering store for a long time. Glen and his family, lived next door to us when I was growing up.
 Live music, Dads friend Barbra and her boyfriend Tom. Barbra plays a keyboard and does all kinds of music. Also had Two other singer guitar player musicians that are absolutely awesome!!! Dad coordinated all that, because he has all the contacts!
 My little second cousin Mary. She is such a cutie.
 More friends, Sharleen and Ron.
 The music was wonderful, everyone seemed to have a great time and we got lots of complements!! I think it was a success!!
Happy 50th Mom and Dad!!! This is just a small portion of all that went on that night! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Pony

Oh my beautiful pony. I kills me that I havnt been able to ride her this year. She is good enough now that I am letting her out in the field with the other two again. She is even cantering without hopping. This look, LOL, "There's mom! does she have food?" As soon as I didnt offer anything they went back to grazing.
 Late days of Summer, I seen her out the window and ran out with my camera to get a couple sunny pictures. I love this mare, she is eye candy to me! LOL  She kept eyes and ears on me!
 The three Amiga's. Easy, Mickey and Emma.
 It is her the left side of her pelvis that she broke, my positive thought is that she has not lost any of the muscle or dropped that hip like so many that have done this have. Seen a lot of pictures in my research of pretty bad dropped hips. She is obviously lame still but so much better. Gives me hope that I will be able to ride her next year. She will turn 15 in January.
 She is always harassing Mickey, poor old mare. When Emma is in season I have to lock her in half the field by herself, so Mickey isnt hazed all day. Poor Mickey has arthritis in both front knees, she can not bend them more than 35 degrees. It makes trimming her pretty challenging. I am going to have to make a decision about her, I think, in the near future. She just cant get around and has fallen down. I am afraid I am going to go out to feed one morning and find her unable to get up.

The old mare. Easy is 29 1/2 this month, she was foaled in March. I would like a little more weight on her, she dropped a little when the grass dried up this Summer. I am giving her more grain now and the grass in coming back on for Fall now. The grass was all brown, it is green now!
Almost time to blanket her again. It does really help with her dropping weight during the cold months. I wont blanket until it is in the 30's at night and below 50 during the day. Other wise its to warm for them. It has been high 50's during the night and around 80 this week, so pretty warm still. The grass likes it!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Linda's Dahlias trip 2014!

This is a pretty long and colorful post! In the time since my last post I got a new, to me, car!! It is a 2005 Ford Escape!! I love it!! Drives great and it only has 84K miles on it!!

 I try to take my Mommy to the local Dahlia farm every year. This is our finds for this year! Beautiful all of them!! And they all are my favorites!!!
 The colors are exquisite!!
 The textures and the shapes are so wonderful too!

 This purple one is so cool, every bloom is different.
 This is the whole plant.
I am going to have to purchase this one again. I lost it in our hard freeze. I did did them and they froze in the garage! It does not usually get that cold here. So the Dahlias in my garden are all yellow, my only survivors were yellow?? LOL, and purple, which are the new ones I purchased this year! LOL 

 The half and half ones are so fun!

 Stripes stripes stripes!

 There are so many flowers in this "smaller" Dahlia farm! LOL

 Some are so delicate.
 Another half and half.

 These are called water lily, shape.

 This one looks like it is on fire! I think, flame, is even in its name, but I cant remember it, LOL

 My Mommy in the Dahlias!
 Were were constantly amazed by the vibrate colors!
 There are single leaf flowers too. These are from his test garden.

 Love these star ones.

 This lavender is sooooo pretty!!! I have a thing for purple flowers!!

We had a great afternoon. We went to lunch before we went and then had a had squeezed lemonade!
I hope you enjoyed the colors. This is only a portion of my pictures! LOL