Monday, May 30, 2016

Its been petty mellow weather wise, here is SW Washington. Had on and off rain last week, beautiful today for Memorial day, 80 and sunny.
Here are a few of my flowers this year, clematis.
 Violas, I have a thing for purple flowers!
 Lavender Columbine.

My Peonies, they always put on a big show, but dont last long. Have to preserve them in photos. They are gone now.

 Cute little Calibrochia with geraniums.
These two are so funny, Max and Dublin. They were holding down Dad while watching me eat breakfast.
 And we have these. Kittens. sigh.  We have a feral cat we have been trying to tame a little. I hoped for a long time it was a tomcat. Obviously not. This is the second litter we know of.
 This would be Mama, I named her Spook, because she always scares the heck out of me, and now Hubby too!
 There are three of the little fuzzballs, wild as March hares too. Meghan caught one in a net tonight and when it squalled Mama came to its defense and she dropped it. What are we to do with them....Mama is getting way smarter, I wonder if these ones will live. I dont think the last two did. There are two grey tabbys and one black. Looks like they are in school.
Thats whats up around here! Rode my Emma today, she was a good girl. I had to mow the pen and trim her feet before I could ride.
I was off for four days, back to work tomorrow.

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