Monday, May 9, 2016

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

Wow I can not believe it is May already!!

Plugging away at work, I have tried unsuccessfully to try to get back into the feed industry. Didnt happen, as in I didnt get hired, they took someone else. I even looked at another retail job and they pay dismally. So I stay where I am.

I have ridden my girl once so far! which is much better than last year! She is fat and sassy. I have gotten most of the garden planted, the weather has been so weird! 15 of 17 dahlias came back up! I bought two more at a plant fair.

Went to the Camas Plant Fair last Saturday with my Mom and my youngest daughter, had a lot of fun. Boy was there a lot of people! Only bought one thing, a new type of tomato cage that mounts on a t-post, and the rings are movable.

Worked 40 hours for the first time in years! It was a long week! LOL But thankful  I am able to work.

Did a Spring Bazaar for the first time, it was a really slow one but I did ok.

Here is some of my stuff I painted....

 Puppy treat jars
 Did quite a few chicken signs
 This tavern sign came out cool
 The whole table (set up in the garage, thus the lace cloth to hide the clutter lol)
 Watercolor painting and chicken rattles
 This was one of my favorites, the one on the top, it sold.  I have an order for another one of the blue green "favorite" and for a smaller of the Munchies cookie jar for my daughter (her pup is so small he would fit inside that one!
 Did a few horsie things
 Funny about the milk stool, I think I had that horse poster on my wall when I was a kid('70's), wanted to leave it on there, so painted the designs on either side.
 Lots of chicken stuff
 Acrylic paintings on the left, on canvas.

This one turned out cute!
 Painted a bunch of refrigerator magnets

 Another milk stool, pretty clematis flower

This is what I do in my spare time! LOL The black and white chicken in the middle sold.

So in the words of the immortal Dori, I am still swimming in this bubble bath!! Hope all is good with you all!!

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  1. Wow you are not only talented but creative too!
    I have actually been riding my mule this spring and we had a good great ride this past weekend.
    I have no talent for painting, just photography!


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