Thursday, February 11, 2016

Silly, too smart Appaloosa

The other night I did my chores not in the usual order. I cleaned one stall and then moved the wheel barrow to the other stall, then filled hay nets. I forgot to finish cleaning the second stall and let the horses into their stalls. My first clue that something was wrong was Emma stopping half way in her stall and wringing her tail. Then I remembered the wheel barrow and started telling her whoa, whoa, whoa!  She ignored me, flicking her ears she just turned to the right and proceeded to back all the way around the handle side of the wheel barrow, including the apple picker handle! She didnt touch any thing and proceeded to eat her hay, like nothing was different! She makes me laugh and surprises me a lot. My smart girl. I love this horse. She turned 16 on January 10th! How time flies!

Cant wait to do some riding this season, she seems to have recovered from her broken pelvis, and I am not noticing any lameness when she is running and playing in the pasture. Now to get back to riding.


  1. She's in her prime. That's wonderful that she had a full recovery!

  2. Oh I hope you can! I wish we were close enough to ride together, we'd have a blast!

  3. funny girl! glad she is all healed up


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