Friday, December 4, 2015

Well blame it on....

Well blame it on Facebook, blame it on working again, when I started this blog I was off work on SSDI, they kicked me off almost three years ago now. Last time I posted was July! At least it hasnt been a whole year. It has been a long summer though. Hubby has been off work with his arthritic shoulders since Nov. of 2014. He finally had surgery on the right side on May 31, this year. and the left shoulder the end of August, which promptly fell out of the joint 3-5 days after the surgery. So he had total joint replacements, on both shoulders. He had to go back in for a second surgery to put the left one back in joint, and stay in a special sling holding his arm at a 45 degree angle, for six weeks. Thankfully he is recovering now and back in physical therapy.

Thats not all that happened though!! Our youngest daughter got Married on August 8th, to a very special guy. I do love my new son in law. they had been together for about six years before getting married! Here she is with her Matron of Honor, trying on the dresses they chose for the ceremony. Mom got to go with her to a few fittings.
 Dress detail
 We went down to the river and Mom trompped around after them taking pictures for their "save the date" announcements.

 They are so cute. Beautiful Camas flowers in the background.
Wedding rehearsal in the beautiful Columbia Gorge.
 Should we do this, should we do that?

The arbour
 Beautiful day we had, it was really warm! 90's. But no notorious Gorge wind.
 Best man on the left and Marques' Dad on the right.
 This is really going to happen!
 Daddy and his little girl.
I will follow up this Summer with a second post!!


  1. I hope so, I'm glad to see you around again! Hope all is going better now!

  2. Good to hear from you again! Very happy to hear that life is just keeping you busy, and some exciting stuff too. Hope your hubby recovers quickly.


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