Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So 10 Minutes ago.....

....I ran outside to take pictures of these fluffy pink clouds at sunset, LOL, I am still here with the horses the dogs and Hubby! Last but not least LOL (Love you Hon!) It stopped raining for the evening, and it was pretty outside when I went out to do chores.
Fir trees and Fluffy clouds LOL here ya go....

Going to a cousins for Easter, and the Woodland, Wa. Tulip fields the next weekend, so some photo ops coming!!!! Yay!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Macro Monday....

This is what Dublin does when I turn on the camera now LOL goofy mutt.

I dont know why he gets excited about the camera, but its pretty funny. I keep trying to get a picture of how he lies upside down with his chew bone in his paws and holds onto it, but whenever I turn on the camera he flips over and stares at me LOL.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday stills, The color Orange....

Luxor at an Equestrian Team meet last year. This weekend is this years teams 2nd meet, Luxor went with us to the second meet last year. The first picture is a cut one of Lux laying in the camper with the wonderful 60's orange upolstery. The second picture is Luxor holding a pom pom cheerleading for the team LOL He would hold the pom pom for Meghan, he is so funny.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

There are still horses in my BBBath LOL...

All the horses have been doing is eating and pooping LOL The weather has been so nice the last few days that I have left Emma and Mickey out in the pasture and fed them outside Yay!! only one stall to pick. But... its suposed to rain Sun, Mon, Tues, soooo, they will be back in for a few days.
Meghan decided she wanted to ride Friday and I actually took pictures!

Crazy teenagers were out in tank tops LOL

The fat old mare is lookin' pretty good! Warmer days, sunshine, is Spring really here!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Awesome Puppy Outing....

Dublin was a champ tonight at the puppy outing! He was so good, dang it, LOL, I really have the feeling he will make it as a guide, that is a good thing!!! Dont get me wrong, but I will have to give him up (((sigh)));0).
First we had a tour of the Library, this is a brand new building and just opened in Dec. This is the Librarian that gave us the tour, beautiful place, and lots of people! Also there is Mike our club leader and Kristen.

We had a tour of the whole Library, even the back room, this is an automatic sorting table, people return books in the book drop and it sorts them to the catagory they need to go to! Pretty awesome.

Emma with Popcorn

Popcorn is just to cute, she reminds me a lot of Dublin.

Group photo! There were quite a lot of us. Dublin and I are third from the left. The dogs on the floor are Dublin, Marla, Josh, Jana, Popcorn and Kristen, the two being held are new puppies and I am not remembering their names, I do remember they are Italian LOL LOL.
Then we went to the Firstenburg Center, it is a very large Gym, I had never been there before. This is upstairs on the second floor, there is a track, obviously LOL, and a rock climbing wall, we seen basketball courts, which are to the left over that short wall, there were two, and a huge swimming pool, why I didnt get a pic of the swimming pool?? The Pool is cool, kinda figure 8 shaped with a continuous currant and little side pools every so often, and sculptures spraying water. On the far side is a huge hot tub too.  Boy o boy was it packed!!!! Lots of people! To crowded for me. So much so we didnt walk the dogs around the pool.

But I did get Dublin in front of the sign! He was so good, I just told him up and he jumped right up there and posed for his pic LOL. Evaluations tomorrow.

And Dublin is crashed after our big outing.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I think Meghan spoils Dublin, what do you think LOL, here they are sharing the giant beanbag chair on the floor. He only gets on it when she is there.

Dublin and I had a good walkabout today! We went to the Post Office, Hardware store, worked on stairs, lots of crossing the street, there are not a lot of curbs in the new renovation of downtown, we walked to the Library, walked to a friends place and talked with them for awhile, and met Meghan there lol, we then walked over to the Police station to see if Hubbys cousin was working, she was not, so we walked back to the car and came home. We walked a total of about 14 blocks around town, Dublin did very well, he still needs work on people and dog distractions, he is getting excited to meet people and dogs, so I am having to say no to folks that want to pet him, he thinks everyone wants to play with him, he is getting much better and will move on when I tell him "lets go". Now that he is older and doing much much better with relieving, we are going to start going out more, if it is just to walk around a block in town when we go.
New pictures from our outings on Thursday and Friday to come!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A fellow blogger is doing a give away....

Over at Bitless Horse she is giving away a nice braided horsehair fob! Check it out.

I havnt had much new on here lately, I havnt done a whole lot, but now that the weather is getting into the 60's yahoo!!! Now the mud needs to dry up some LOL Picky arent I, LOL I want to start riding a couple times a week to get back in better shape. Meanwhile the ponies are shedding shedding shedding! Everywhere Emma lays down in the field leaves what looks like a horse exploded white hair all over the grass LOL, It has been warm and dry enough to leave them out in the field the last couple of nights, Yeah!! less stall cleaning, Except for Easy who has to come in for her warm mash, I spoil her LOL. She is fat and sassy and happy at 25, so I must be doing something right!
I have a lot going on with Dublin this week, he got neutered on Monday, an outing to the Library and the Firstenburg center, on Thurs. and Puppy evaluations in Vancouver on Friday. So if I remember to take the camera(((sigh))) I will have some stuff to post!  Here are some goofy Dublin pics to last untill I get some new ones, silly puppy!

Ahhhh sleep my favorite, next to food....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Puppies!!!!

Some of the wonderful folks in our puppy raising club, with a new little puppy named Luna. Luna is so tiny! She is only 8 weeks old. I dont remember Dublin being that little.
Alex teaching Luna a little about the leash.
Isnt she just adorable! Look how little she is compared to Alexs shoe LOL
What makes puppies so darned adorable! Look at those feet! LOL
Little Emma with Luna asleep on her lap, arent they both adorable.
This is Popcorn, isnt that just the cutest name! She is a few weeks older than Luna, and what a difference! She is about 12 weeks old now. I love this next look that these Labs give their person.
She is so cute too! She reminds me of Dublin, she likes to use her paws a lot, and they have a similar look. LOL similar look, thats funny, you may think all yellow labs look alike! But untill you see 10 of them in the same room and see all the different looks to them....well you will have to take my word for it, they really look a lot different, like Josh the Red Lab LOL

This is Josh, he came on the puppy truck with Dublin and is a day older than Dublin. He is a gorgeous dark red for a Labrador.
And Mr. Dublin, he is getting so big! At his last vet check he was 52 lbs. He is 8 mo. old now. I cant believe we have had him for 6 months now! In this picture he is watching little Luna with much interest.

Dublin got to work with one of the new people that want to start raising puppies. Potential raisers have to attend meetings, do paperwork to sign up as raisers, attend a Guide Dogs Graduation, have a tour of the Guide Dogs campus, among many other things. They get to see and handle puppies at meetings, which are the first Thurs of the month a general meeting for everyone, and every two weeks meetings for little puppies usually 6 mos or under, but everyone is welcome. I took Dublin to this meeting because he is getting more dog distracted the older he gets, he is like a hormonal teenager right now, and I want to get him out and exposed a lot more. Monday he goes to the vet to get fixed, them maybe we can get ahold of his little mind a little bit better LOL
I finally remembered to take my camera to a meeting Yeay!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday stills....Numbers

Guide Dogs for the blind puts a tattoo in every puppys ears, for I.D. purposes.
here is Dublins. .Right ear, 3W8, then left ear. No they are not easy to read, but a lot easier on the yellow pups than the black ones sometimes.
There is only enough room for 3 parts of his number. See first coment to clarify why only three numbers.
And this is the bag that we were given when we picked him up, he comes with a year supply of Frontline, Heartgaurd, ear cleaning solution and toothbrush and toothpaste. Also all his paperwork came with him, monthly reports, vet reimbursment forms, his info sheet and lots of other information! (Oh the YLM, stands for Yellow Lab Male)
So those are my numbers for the day, Dublin has his own! If ever you come across a nice Lab or Golden Puppy, check the ears right away!!! It may be a puppy that is in  the wrong place! There have been 2 or 3 puppies get away from their raisers in California ove the last year, one for two weeks!!! Until the folks that found him seen a news story about the lost puppy.
For more Sunday Stills click on the link.

Friday, March 5, 2010

MRI results for February MRI.....

Need I say more! (((yes))) pumps arm LOL
)))Happy dance(((
It is always such a relief!
On March 7th it will be two years since my surgery!!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cant Wait for SPRING!

Anxiously waiting for Spring!! The temp was over 60F today Yeay!!!! I havnt posted much, because I just havnt been doing much, and when I have, I have forgotten the camera (((sigh))).
So I decided to go find some summer pics and share, I cant wait for these warm dry days again!
Daisys are such a happy flower! We have a lot of them in early summer.
Wow March first already! 2010 is almost a quarter over! We watched a lot of the Winter Olympics, I enjoyed watching. My only dislike was the news people hardly ever saying Vancouver B.C., they forget that a few hundred miles away is another Vancouver, albeit, Washington. It probably wasnt confusing for anyone who doesnt live in this area though. I heard on the news that some people were calling "Vancouver" and making hotel reservations, etc., they found out that the wrong Vancouver was being called, so hotels were checking their reservations around here just to make sure that people werent wanting to stay in Canada, not the U.S.
That would be a bummer! Making reservations for the Olympics, only to find out that you had made reservations for little 'ol SW Washington instead.
Easy sure is looking good this Winter too. I changed her grain to Purina Senior, she gets 6 cups morning and night, soaked with hot water. This formula is keeping her 25 year old self in good shape! She will be 25 this month. She acts like she is 10 LOL. She is at this wieght or better right now, with more fill behind her shoulder blade, a little more mudd on her right now though LOL.
Thats all for now!                                        The End!