Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So 10 Minutes ago.....

....I ran outside to take pictures of these fluffy pink clouds at sunset, LOL, I am still here with the horses the dogs and Hubby! Last but not least LOL (Love you Hon!) It stopped raining for the evening, and it was pretty outside when I went out to do chores.
Fir trees and Fluffy clouds LOL here ya go....

Going to a cousins for Easter, and the Woodland, Wa. Tulip fields the next weekend, so some photo ops coming!!!! Yay!!!!


  1. Oh! You caught the most gorgeous clouds here in puffy pinks and blues! Love these!
    Happy blessed Easter to you!

  2. as soon as I get the camera out my cat turns his head and closes his eyes, I guess one too many FLASH close ups!

  3. Beautiful - thanks!

  4. Those clouds are beautiful! They kind of look like Easter Eggs.

  5. Yeah for your daughters return!! How does she feel about getting out? 6 years in the AF is impressive!!

    Hallie :)

  6. fluffy pink, and maybe a few purple storm clouds too?
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  7. Yes Merri more rain clouds too! although it is nice here on Thurs.

    Hallie! The one thing she wanted when she got stateside was a real steak! LOL I havnt talked to her to see if she got it yet, she went home on leave for a couple weeks.

    Jenny, I thought about them being Easter colors when I took the pics LOL

    Jocelyn, I keep trying, but he stops imediatly when he hears the camera turn on LOL, I evey try sneaking and doing something else and turning the camera on and pretending to keep doing what I was, and he still comes over to investigate LOL

  8. Oh those sky views are absolutely beautiful!!!!! Happy Easter to you and your family!


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