Saturday, March 20, 2010

There are still horses in my BBBath LOL...

All the horses have been doing is eating and pooping LOL The weather has been so nice the last few days that I have left Emma and Mickey out in the pasture and fed them outside Yay!! only one stall to pick. But... its suposed to rain Sun, Mon, Tues, soooo, they will be back in for a few days.
Meghan decided she wanted to ride Friday and I actually took pictures!

Crazy teenagers were out in tank tops LOL

The fat old mare is lookin' pretty good! Warmer days, sunshine, is Spring really here!!!!


  1. Spring you say? Not around here quite yet. Snow for us yesterday. bleh!

    Tank tops??? Wow. You guys really are enjoying warm Spring temps. Lucky you!
    And Meghan looks great riding. And your mare is SO not fat or old looking. She looks gorgeous!


  2. Yeah Lisa I have been seeing all the snow on your blog!!! Wow!!
    but then that is the difference between being up at 7000ft, or down at 98ft, LOL the GPS argues sometimes between 98 and 120ft LOL LOL our trees are all sprouting, you can just tell in my pics, the pussy willow is sprouted and so is the weeping willow, the apple trees are starting, although it was 28 yesterday, dont know if it killed the blooms or not. It has been frosty at night ant mid 60s during the day! Spring weather, now its suposed to rain tomorrow.

  3. we had one day of spring, when the BUFFALO GNATS exploded, then winter showed up again. coudln't see the mountains today because they were hidden by blizzards!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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