Thursday, March 18, 2010

Awesome Puppy Outing....

Dublin was a champ tonight at the puppy outing! He was so good, dang it, LOL, I really have the feeling he will make it as a guide, that is a good thing!!! Dont get me wrong, but I will have to give him up (((sigh)));0).
First we had a tour of the Library, this is a brand new building and just opened in Dec. This is the Librarian that gave us the tour, beautiful place, and lots of people! Also there is Mike our club leader and Kristen.

We had a tour of the whole Library, even the back room, this is an automatic sorting table, people return books in the book drop and it sorts them to the catagory they need to go to! Pretty awesome.

Emma with Popcorn

Popcorn is just to cute, she reminds me a lot of Dublin.

Group photo! There were quite a lot of us. Dublin and I are third from the left. The dogs on the floor are Dublin, Marla, Josh, Jana, Popcorn and Kristen, the two being held are new puppies and I am not remembering their names, I do remember they are Italian LOL LOL.
Then we went to the Firstenburg Center, it is a very large Gym, I had never been there before. This is upstairs on the second floor, there is a track, obviously LOL, and a rock climbing wall, we seen basketball courts, which are to the left over that short wall, there were two, and a huge swimming pool, why I didnt get a pic of the swimming pool?? The Pool is cool, kinda figure 8 shaped with a continuous currant and little side pools every so often, and sculptures spraying water. On the far side is a huge hot tub too.  Boy o boy was it packed!!!! Lots of people! To crowded for me. So much so we didnt walk the dogs around the pool.

But I did get Dublin in front of the sign! He was so good, I just told him up and he jumped right up there and posed for his pic LOL. Evaluations tomorrow.

And Dublin is crashed after our big outing.


  1. Those are such precious pics! What a beautiful boy Dublin is. I really don't know how you'll be able to give him up. Although, if you've been raising guide dog pups for a while, you've probably already had to face that. I love all the puppies!


  2. so cute!!
    what a noble profession for a dog.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. He is just such a good boy...a big day for the lil' man!


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