Monday, June 27, 2011

Wonderful pre-baby get together for girlfreind.

One of my oldest friends, Patti, and I. We have known each other since we were around seven years old. Due to life and circumstances, she is having her first baby! (at 44 LOL sorry Patti LOL) more power to her!!! At her request I got some folks together to see her and her hubby, Bow. They were married last year.

 They got a lot of cute gifts, and their first package of diapers!!!! LOL from Pattis' sister. Boy are there more of those to come!!!!
 Everyone had a good time, I had everyone meet at a neat little cafe/ice cream shop called Papas Ice Cream , this is one of my favorite places!
Another old friend from High School came down with his family, it was great to see them!!
Patti is due Aug 11th!! so real soon! They elected not to find out if the baby is a boy or girl. They had wonderful ultrasound pictures with them, and if I might say so, the baby looks an awful lot like dad!! LOL so maybe a little boy?? She looks great, gained just the right amount of weight and has had no problems except for swollen ankles!!!! Cant wait for the little bundle to get here!!!! There will be a formal baby shower after the little one is born.

Update on Stanley the Giraffe....

We started out with a cardboard frame.

Covered it in chicken wire and paper mache.

The full body coat of paint, done last night.

Drew the outline of spots, and started painting.

And this is where he is at this point, 1 to 2 coats of paint on spots, to cover the outlines. Next is a smaller paint brush to do the smaller spots and then the details!! He is looking pretty good!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

She is back!!!

Pony girl is back, after a long hiatus!! to blog again. She is now Ranch Girl Diaries  Cant wait to see her new stories and beautiful pictures!!!!
Great to have you back!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Down memory lane....

Join me for a trip down horsey memory lane,

Sara and Easy at the fair.

Meghan and Mickey, boy is Meg little here!!!
I have always loved this picture of all my girls!
Sara and Easy at a local show, this is probably the best that Easy has ever looked in her life, she is a hard one to keep weight on.

Meg and Mick, western eq. at the same local show, boy was it hot and dusty that day.

Meghan and Mickey got their first blue ribbon in bareback eq.!!!
Sara and Easy, ready for Showmanship at the fair.

Meghan practicing Parelli, with the "big green ball". Easy took to Parelli like a duck to water!!!

A resting moment....

Me and Emma, at a Pat Wiese Clinic that we attended in 2004. She was four years old here!
Emma, the most buff she has ever been, she sure is white now!!! LOL

One of the few pics of us in class.
Oh the memories, a lot of years, 13 years of 4-H with both my girls, 11 of those as a 4-H leader! I hope to create some new memories this Summer with myself riding more!!!! 
Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Phase 2 of new project....

The Giraffe has been dubbed Stanley, by my Hubby LOL. We got the first coat of paper mache on it today!

It is actually around 7 feet tall at the top of its head! I wrapped the body in chicken wire to give it some width, should have taken a picture of that. Then we started slabbing on the paper mache!! Messy stuff LOL It is turning out pretty cool! Now to do the head and another coat on the body, then paint, when it is all dry.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My newest project....

I have been asked by me sister in law to help make jungle animals for a float in one of our hometown parades this year.

This will be a Giraffe and Palm trees. The trunks of the Palm trees are real Palm tree trunks!! LOL My sister in law found them at a garage sale and asked if they wanted to get rid of them LOL the lady couldnt believe she wanted dead Palm trees! Palm trees do not live very well in the Northwest, its just to wet, and they rot and get eaten by bugs.
Any way! I will show you all the progress as I  go on with this project. I have a month to complete the Giraffe. I now have to cover it with chicken wire and paper mache. The theme for the parade, I think, is a jungle theme. I will also try to make some monkeys to hang in the tree. We made coconuts that will go in the center of the palm trees when they are dry and painted!
Stay tuned!!