Saturday, June 11, 2011

Phase 2 of new project....

The Giraffe has been dubbed Stanley, by my Hubby LOL. We got the first coat of paper mache on it today!

It is actually around 7 feet tall at the top of its head! I wrapped the body in chicken wire to give it some width, should have taken a picture of that. Then we started slabbing on the paper mache!! Messy stuff LOL It is turning out pretty cool! Now to do the head and another coat on the body, then paint, when it is all dry.


  1. Had to tell you that I enjoyed your blog page with all those horse staring back at me. It gave me a smiling start to my day.
    I gather you foster guide dogs--bravo.
    We are on southern Vancouver Island, not all that far from you.
    I had to use the outdated Google id to make this comment. I've moved on to my own site:

  2. Thanks hobnoblin! Yeah the horses remind me of my Emma!!
    We are not all that far! I am in SW Washington just 20 miles East of Vancouver Washington.

  3. OH and we have raised two Guide dog puppies, our first was our daughters senior project, he is now a working quide in St Paul Mn. Our second one stressed out to much in training when he went back to GDB, so we got him back as a pet. I do want to raise another sometime.

  4. Goodmorning from Oregon! Enjoyed this post and the pics as always. Just wanted to let you know we've just launched our first "official" FARM blog and you're happily on the list of our favorite farm blogs. It's at:


  5. Thanks Dianne, I will be sure to check out your new blog!!!!


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