Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fun Garage Sale-ing with my Hubby, and look what else we found!

Had fun on our first Garage Sale-ing day this year! Found some goodies. A small pack saddle for $8, a two sided Thanksgiving/ Christmas table runner, a green plaid round tablecloth for the BBQs this summer, $1.50 each. A wooden step stool, $3., a folk art kitty, $2. A nice looking shirt for $1 and a small wooden green box $2.  I am going to paint on the step stool and the green box. All for under $20 bucks!

Here is kinda a close up of my shirt, blue roses and it has silver threads in it too. We had fun, my cousin and his wife live in Ellensburg, Wa. and they were Garage sale-ing too! LOL we challenged each other to see who could find the neatest thing! LOL
It was fun texting each other all morning with our finds! His special find was a BBQ in a bucket! LOL Yes in an actual bucket, never used, still with the BBQ sauce in it! LOL

And we found the candidate for the Worlds Ugliest Truck!!!!

All I can say is, why?   I guess no one will steal it! LOL

I also got my Mommy a step stool to get in my Bronco! LOL have been trying to text them a pic of it all day and it wont go through, we dont have full service on ATT here in the hole we live in, LOL
 Seen an ominous fire on the way home too. Hope it wasnt someones house. We got on a little farther and could smell burnt plastic in the air though.

That was our fun day!! Hubby cooked a roast on his new Treager grill and I made potatoes with bacon, onion and cheese foil pockets that cooled along side the roast! Was very good!

A good day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Camas, Wa. Plant and Garden Fair, with my Mommy!

Took my Mom to the plant sale, then we went to Craft Warehouse! On the way back spotted a Soroptimists Sale so we went to that and found a few goodies!
Beautiful flower baskets on a building in downtown Camas.
 Lots of wonderful restaurants and shops.
 Looking East up the street.
 West, lots of people!
 My wonderful friend Nancy, who owns Lacamas Lavender Farm.
Bought this from her, lots of goodies in here, lemon thyme, violas, some succulents like hen and chicks, and something with little tiny pink flowers!

 Bought these from a local nursary, the blue and white petunias and.....
 these great red and white striped verbina.

Meghan got me this huge basket for Mothers Day! Its a 14 inch pot and its prob 2 1/2 foot in diameter
 My Peonies are blooming.
 My Dahlias are starting to come up! Only a few inches now, you cant see them here, LOL
 Here are some of the colors I have this year. The blue one on the right is my favorite, cant wait until it blooms.
 My garden is in! Lots of work on Monday!
 Meghan also got my the cutest planter ever!

Until next time!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Need to come back and post more!!

I have not been posting at all since I went back to work! Facebook takes up a lot of my computer time too. I need to come back here and post more! Will work on that!
I met a lot of neat people here on blogger! I started this when I was home on disability, kinda for a journal for life.

Here are some pics from the last year or so, havnt been too busy but not taking as much pics either, as I used to.

 Deer in the yard last Summer.
 My chunky Appaloosa! LOL Shedding out this Spring!
 Hair snowflakes off of her, LOL
Trail Trials 2013, I dont get pics taken of Emma and I very often, I am usually the only one with a camera!
 My riding companions Judy on Rythm, and Carol on Jazzy.
 My #, LOL, took this one cuz I thought it was cool!
 My girl.
 More deer in the yard, little buck in the rear.
 Trail ride with Meghan, she rode the old mare, this was Sept. I think. The old mare is 29 this year, slowing down quite a bit now.
 Our friend Glenna, with Rosie, and her husband Charlie, in the background.
 Glenna and Rosie. Hard to take pics while moving on horseback! LOL
 Meg and Easy with Glenna, behind.
 Best view in the world!!!
bought this new saddle blanket to put on my roany pony this year! Hope it looks good on her.
I plan on being back soon!! My goal is once a week post!

John comes home!

My son John, came home to visit!!! After 6 years and 5 months!! (But Mom wasnt counting, he he he)

We had a great visit, the 8 days went way to quick! He is on to more adventures! Going to Australia, looking forward to seeing pics from his adventures.