Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fun Garage Sale-ing with my Hubby, and look what else we found!

Had fun on our first Garage Sale-ing day this year! Found some goodies. A small pack saddle for $8, a two sided Thanksgiving/ Christmas table runner, a green plaid round tablecloth for the BBQs this summer, $1.50 each. A wooden step stool, $3., a folk art kitty, $2. A nice looking shirt for $1 and a small wooden green box $2.  I am going to paint on the step stool and the green box. All for under $20 bucks!

Here is kinda a close up of my shirt, blue roses and it has silver threads in it too. We had fun, my cousin and his wife live in Ellensburg, Wa. and they were Garage sale-ing too! LOL we challenged each other to see who could find the neatest thing! LOL
It was fun texting each other all morning with our finds! His special find was a BBQ in a bucket! LOL Yes in an actual bucket, never used, still with the BBQ sauce in it! LOL

And we found the candidate for the Worlds Ugliest Truck!!!!

All I can say is, why?   I guess no one will steal it! LOL

I also got my Mommy a step stool to get in my Bronco! LOL have been trying to text them a pic of it all day and it wont go through, we dont have full service on ATT here in the hole we live in, LOL
 Seen an ominous fire on the way home too. Hope it wasnt someones house. We got on a little farther and could smell burnt plastic in the air though.

That was our fun day!! Hubby cooked a roast on his new Treager grill and I made potatoes with bacon, onion and cheese foil pockets that cooled along side the roast! Was very good!

A good day!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. I was busy and haven't gotten around to even updating my blog yet!

    Oh and that truck was the ugliest in the world!


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