Monday, June 29, 2015

Horse slaughter or not, a fascinating lecture on the "horse culture".

This is worth the 35-40 minutes to listen to,

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Got to ride!

Finally got to ride my girl last Sunday! She did great, she is such a good girl. It was like I rode her yesterday, she did everything I asked her to do.

 She is a little bit whiter every year.

 I just love this mare, she hasnt been ridden for over a year and she just acted like I have been riding all along. I didnt feel a miss-step or limp at all from her left side, while I was on her. I walked and trotted her, side-passed and backed her up and she was awesome! For those of you that may not remember she fell and broke her pelvis in May of 2014, so she has had this time off to heal.
 Yes we is a little fat! Need more riding time!!! She got a hosing off after our ride.
I am one happy girl!!! My mare is back!!!!
My hubby was gracious enough to take some photos of us. I am usually the one with the camera, so I dont get many photos of me riding.
I really need to get her and the old mare some exercise so I can take them on a slow trail ride when my middle daughter comes home for her little sisters wedding in August.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

No I havnt posted in awhile! Fun horsey Garage Sale finds!

I found some fun things at a Garage Sale on Saturday.
 I have been wanting to try an English Hack on Emma. I found both of these cheek piece sets at the sale for $1. They both are solid aluminum, no cheap chrome plate here! LOL I had the pieces to make the English hack complete, after scrubbing them with a SOS pad, I put it together, very happy so far, the only problem is now I need a new bridle!!! LOL LOL The one I put on it is pretty old, serviceable but old.
 This is an antique Crocket Hackamore Bit. I did some research and found a little bit of info online about it.
It looks like it did have the bit piece in it at one time, the shank is stamped Crocket, I am assuming it is most likely from the 1950's. Boy I just went back to the book link and it says it is an old Hamley catalog from 1940. Very interesting!

This is the link, dont know if it will work or not.

 Pretty fun, I learned something today! LOL I like the adjustable severity of it, I found that it had a removable bit very interesting, although I would never put anything like that on a horse! I most likely was used by ropers, from the context of this old catalog. The info was online and from a book called "Cowboy Clothing and Gear".
This picture showed me how the heck the swiveling cheek pieces went! LOL
Fun finds! The guy had all kinds of neat stuff, nothing I had room for though! An old sit of leather mule harness, ole metal wheels. I also got this set of hangers! for $1 each! His prices were so cheap!!

Husband was like,"Where are you going to put those?" LOL Oh I will find a place LOL after I wire brush them and paint them black. LOL

I hope to get back to posting more, with FB and work I just havnt been making the time! I miss it!! Good day to all!

Went back to that Garage Sale and took a friend, he found several horse collers and hames, and an old cattle stantion for $52.
I found another bridle, with an old Crockett bit on it. I only paid $2  for it! LOL The leather is not in good shape but it has to old diamonds and concho on the cheek pieces. I think I will do this with it....

Mount it on an old weather board and put some hooks on the bottom.

This is the Crockett bit, which will go on....
....My farm wall in the dining room, along with the hackamore bit, and also another old hack I picked up today too! LOL.