Monday, August 18, 2014

Update on Emma

 I was so happy tonight! I took Emma out for her walk in the yard and fresh grass. I lunged her a little bit at the walk and trot, and she only had a small bobble in her step!! Both directions! Before today she has been worse with her bad leg to the outside of the circle. Probably because she has to reach farther forward with it when going in that direction.

 The stall has been her  purgatory for the last three months! It was three months on August 12th, since I had the vet out to check her out!  ( August 12th was also my one year Anniversary of being back to work!!)
Guardedly very happy about this! She has good days and bad days, hopefully now we will start having more good days than bad!  I will try to get a video of her, if she cooperates! LOL My hands still smell like horse, LOL, I will start slowly exercising her a little more, as long as she isnt in any pain.

Everything I have read up on about a broken pelvis in the horse, is pretty optimistic about the outcome, at least with the kind of break she seems to have. No ex rays, the treatment with or without the definitive diagnosis of ex rays was the same. I really wouldnt have wanted to put her through the three hour trailer ride to OSU in Corvalis, Oregon. It probably would have been really painful. It also wasnt in the pocket book, a minimum $500. to go over there for that. So I did take a very conservative approach. We havnt done good with the weight that the Vet wanted her to loose. LOL How do you lock a horse up in a small pen and stall and keep them from going crazy!! She is getting grass hay in slow feeder nets, when I am gone all day at work I fill two of them, two leaves of hay each. She gets about two cups of soaked beat pulp, am and pm. It makes it a lot easier to give her meds and supplements when she is used to getting something.

So thats my update for now! My garden is exploding with produce and my Dahlias are all blooming! It has been a warm Summer up hear in Washington.