Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Teddy was such a goofball, when the kids were little he would climb on top of their backpacks so he could drive up to the bus stop with us, they would carry him out on top of their bags, at the time our driveway was 1/2 mile long, and he had to go. He would just about do anything Meghan asked him, she taught him a lot of tricks. He would sit, lie down, sit pretty, roll over, speak, crawl, pop goes the weasel out of a box, he was a lot of fun. I will always remeber his goofyness. I love this picture, wanted to share one last one with you all, Teddy out in the garage with Meghan making him act goofy
Thank you for all the sentiments.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Teddy, for 15 years you ave been my sidekick, camping buddy, slept in the foot of my sleeping bag, knocked over the water container to tell us its empty, barked at us to tell us you want something, barked when you wanted out or in. Taken off where we couldnt find you, only to come back an hour later and bark at the door. You loved spots in the warm sun and your cookies when you came inside.

We let Teddy cross the Rainbow bridge today, he will be missed.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dublin update....

Dublin is doing good, he has gone on a little diet, he weighed 50.2 pounds when he went to see Dr. Patty of Guide Dogs last week. He is just a little chunky LOL he is slowly dropping weight now and I am seeing more cut to his waistline. He went from 4 cups of food a day(2c twice a day) to 3 1/2 cups a day, and it is working! We went to see Dr. Patty down in Boring Or., because she wanted to see his mouth for herself, the pictures didnt give enough detail for here. Her verdict is that he has a little crooked jaw, and a small divot in the roof of his mouth from that lower right canine, but as long as it doesnt become infected or has any other problems, he should  be just fine. I told her with the papers we got with him, as a baby, that he was being looked at for International placement, so she recommended to GDB in San Rafael that he be nuetered, and not used as a stud dog, so he does not pass on his jaw problem.
Pretty boy, he is getting so big! We are having some potty issues, at home, I made the mistake of letting him go out in the front yard off leash to potty, then he decided he didnt want to go while he was on leash (((sigh))) stubborn little devil LOL we are now getting a handle on that, as he has no choice now! He goes on leash on command or not at all, so we have some work to do and consistancy in how he is relieved will help a lot. He is just stubborn enough that he wants to do some things his own way, so I cant let him have the upper hand. On leash and in the house he is a dream, minds very very well, only plays with his own toys, he even leaves the other dogs food and toys alone. So this potty thing is a big deal to me, I dont want him to fail because of a short laps of lazyness on my part. We do need to get out more, hopefully the weather will start to cooperate!!! I have seen a few small confidence issues with him, and I think it is because we havnt been out in public a whole lot this winter, the weather has just been to too wettttttttttt!!
So that is how Dublin is coming along, he is doing good, a sweet sweet little dog, very well behaved, solicitace of me, he follows me everywhere, and he knows when its breakfast or dinner time LOL, sometimes he has to wait because he gets to excited LOL For the most part we have no problems with him at all. Meghan has taken him down to the river a couple of times this last week to walk and run with her, and he has had a wonderful time! Seen sand for the first time and the big water too! She said he was goofy and just wanted to run in circles and play in the sand, on leash of course! I have been meaning to get out an old horse nylon lunge line that I dont use with the horses anymore and use it to let Dublin run on, it is 25' long so should work good.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday , Sunday = Sportsmans Show, Firemen! and NASCAR

Sooo, we went to the Sportsmans Show, in Portland,  on Saturday, of course I forgot my camera (((sigh))) so I have no pictures to share with you from the show. There were a lot of people! It was very crowded, we walked for 6 hours, and seen the whole show. We didnt buy anything though except some pepperoni sticks, and parking and entrace fee and I had a Johnsonville Braut for lunch with sauerkrout! Yum! Hunting, Fishing, archery, boats, lots of head mounts, even two Zebra! I dont think I have seen a Zebra head mount before. Lots of eye candy, we had a good day. After the show we headed home, stopped at the grocery store to get gizzards and wings for Sunday. We left home around 8am and got home around 4:30pm. Saturday evening around 9:00pm, a whole bunch of fire trucks showed up in the neighborhood! With lots of lights!!
There are fire/rescue trucks all along the bottom of the photo. They lit up the hill with light that Hubby said NASA wanted back when they were done LOL. You can see the spotlights along the top the far right one is our freind Kelby's flashlight. Kelby is a Fireman at our local station. At first the confusion was that 911 got a call that a dog was stuck on the cliff, they didnt know if a person was with the dog, as these dogs were always seen with someone walking them. So with the thought that a person was involved, the whole Cavelry came out! About halfway between the  last light on the right and the top of the little white house, you can see a little yellowish spot, that was the fireman after two of them walked from our side of the river, yes river, we have a small river across the street and they went across grandmas bridge and across the hill, and creek and cliff! to find the "person" "dog" in trouble. Kelby walked all the way up and across this hillside/cliffface, in full turnouts! I am impressed! Actually there were two of them that did! Wow, a set of turnouts by themselves weigh over 100lbs!!!! Boots, pants, coat and helmet, and various gear they had to carry! Impressive! I is probably 300 yards across that cliff face. I will post a picture of the area in the daytime too, forgot to take some of those pics today.

Here I was able to zoom in and get a little closer, directly above the door to the little white house on the hillside is where the firemen had to go. It was pretty exciting and dramatic to watch last night!

Here I zoomed in as far as I could on the blob in the middle, you can see the reflectors on the firemans turnouts and a tree, where he couldnt get down any farther. That bank is almost verticle! He had to repel down with ropes to get that far! The Sherriff even came to the house and asked us some questions, wether we had seen someone walk two black labs down the road or had seen anything else. We told him what we knew and that we had never seen anyone walking dogs. It would be really hard to walk dogs on this road, the speed limit is 50mph! there are no sidewalks and traffic is pretty heavy at times, with large Semi trucks and other vehicles. At the time the Sherriff was at our house they still didnt know if a person was up there or not. The report was one of the firemen thought they seen someone, and had seen movement. The Sherriff said if there was someone up there, he even said "she" that they had been there for at least three days! I had heard the dog barking that morning when I took Dublin outside, I just thought someone has a dog tied out in the back yard or something, that was throwing a fit. We were left hanging after that and never heard what was found until Sunday.

And zoomed back out, I actually set the camera on a fence post and used my starry night setting, that has a time delay of 30 seconds to catch all the available light. I was really happy with the clarity of the photos!

The anticlimax is that what was found was a dog on a ledge, they must have pulled it up and wrapped up everything after 11:00pm that night. So that was our Saturday night excitement! Kelby came down for a beer and food, on Sunday, and let us know what happened. That leads us to Sunday.

Biffle almost did it!!! Geez it was a nail biter of a race and a l o n g race on Sunday! There at the end we thought Biffle was going to do it, man what an ending and ending and ending, LOL they had so many restarts on the last two laps! In the end Biffle got 3rd place. If you hadnt figured it out we are Biffle fans around here, he is a local boy and actually grew up in Camas and went to Camas High, even though they always say he is from Vancouver. So that was our weekend, not a boring one at all! We had fun, excitement and a good NASCAR race! I know this has been a long post for me LOL but I guess thats what happens when I forget the camera LOL.
I had to thank Kelby, and all our volunteer and paid Firemen, and Police. These are the guys that fight our battles on the home front. We have two of our kids in the Air Force right now, and I totally thank our Military for what they do to. Our Firemen and Police see and do a lot of horrible grisley things that, a lot of them dont or cant talk about. If it had been me out there I would be so greatful for that dedication and committment that they put out there last night, it is an amazing thing, they are special special people. The fire dept. has saved my life once, and I am forever greatful for that too.
So thank our Military and thank our Fire and Police too, for what they do every day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Of BFF's and Fortunes....

That would be Blogger Fun Friends!! and Fortune cookie sayings.
Wednesday night Hubby, Meg and I had dinner at a local Chinese food place.
At the end of our meal we opened our Fortune cookies. I had been debateing
whether or not I would be able to drive down to meet my BFF's, and this made
up my mind for me!
I know fortune cookies are just for fun, but this one worked! So Thursday night I headed out on a 40 min. drive, it took me 50 mins it rained so hard.
I was debateing driving to meet my blogger friends because it is harder for me to drive at night, and it was pouring down rain! But I made it, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting these special people!

Beautiful women, all of them!
This is For Love of A Horse JP1
They are both a kick in the pants LOL and it was really fun to hang out with them.

Next is me and Gttyup from Life at the Rough String She is a tiny little spitfire LOL a very wonderful person also. She lives clear on the other side of Oregon from the other 3 of us, and was up in Portland for a class she was taking for work. She talked to JP1 and made arrangements to meet while she was in town, I am so glad they did!
I really enjoyed meeting all of them in person, that doesnt happen very often! Hopefully sometime I will get to meet some of my other BFF's too!

All four of us.  Thank you! Lady's for the great night!
The drive home was much easier, it didnt rain near as hard as the trip down.
It would be really fun to get together for a trail ride!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday stills, Hot sauces or Salsas....

We have quite a collection of Hot sauces in our 'fridge. We have picked up some unusual ones too.
Without and with the flash, couldnt decide what I liked better. I am not a Hot sauce consumer at all! I do not like hot stuf LOL, but my Hubby does so he tries a lot of different ones, the chinese hot sauce and the Tabasco are always in the 'fridge though.
These three are the funny one that we have in residence at the moment. Have you ever been to those specialty kitchen stores at the outlet malls? Well they have so many kinds of hot sauce LOL from quite racey ones to the one like we have above, a lot of skull and crossbones too, LOL.
I have no idea if they are even any good tasting, but the labels are entertaining.
This, is the ingrediant label for the Ass Blaster hot sauce, Yikes!!!!! Habeneros and Capsicum extract!!! Oh boy! Not even something I want to try LOL
For some more posts on Hot Sauce check out todays Sunday Stills, Thanks Ed!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Check this out!!! Totally awesome!!!!

myhorsesmylife  From, (Not quite) Home on the Range. Check this out! Bridless roping! I so enjoyed this.
It is in her "(Sorta) wordless Wednesday" post.
Just had to share!

Sara from Iraq....

Sara on SKYPE in Iraq. Skype is about the coolest program, its free and if you have a camera on you computer you can see them too! Sara will probably want to kill me for posting this picture LOL ( Hi Sara!)You can take a snapshot while you are talking on Skype. The internet over there is on and off so we usually have to call each other back several times, after the internet kicks us off. But it is so cool to be able to see her and talk to her when she is so far away!
These are Coke and Pepsi cans from Iraq, really wierd looking with the Arabic writing on one side and English on the other. The Coke can is also really tall and thin, and they are pull tabs! Remember the old ring pull tabs?
Pepsi in Arabic.
This is milk in Arabic, or as Sara was saying "What passes for milk" LOL the ingrediants were something like, water, powderd milk solids, etc. sounded like reconstituted powdered milk. They come in little juice box like containers. The caveat is that it does not have to be refrigerated, yeah. Sara said she was craving real milk, LOL. 
Sara's orders were changed  and she isnt getting to come home now until the middle to end of March,
darn it!