Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dublin update....

Dublin is doing good, he has gone on a little diet, he weighed 50.2 pounds when he went to see Dr. Patty of Guide Dogs last week. He is just a little chunky LOL he is slowly dropping weight now and I am seeing more cut to his waistline. He went from 4 cups of food a day(2c twice a day) to 3 1/2 cups a day, and it is working! We went to see Dr. Patty down in Boring Or., because she wanted to see his mouth for herself, the pictures didnt give enough detail for here. Her verdict is that he has a little crooked jaw, and a small divot in the roof of his mouth from that lower right canine, but as long as it doesnt become infected or has any other problems, he should  be just fine. I told her with the papers we got with him, as a baby, that he was being looked at for International placement, so she recommended to GDB in San Rafael that he be nuetered, and not used as a stud dog, so he does not pass on his jaw problem.
Pretty boy, he is getting so big! We are having some potty issues, at home, I made the mistake of letting him go out in the front yard off leash to potty, then he decided he didnt want to go while he was on leash (((sigh))) stubborn little devil LOL we are now getting a handle on that, as he has no choice now! He goes on leash on command or not at all, so we have some work to do and consistancy in how he is relieved will help a lot. He is just stubborn enough that he wants to do some things his own way, so I cant let him have the upper hand. On leash and in the house he is a dream, minds very very well, only plays with his own toys, he even leaves the other dogs food and toys alone. So this potty thing is a big deal to me, I dont want him to fail because of a short laps of lazyness on my part. We do need to get out more, hopefully the weather will start to cooperate!!! I have seen a few small confidence issues with him, and I think it is because we havnt been out in public a whole lot this winter, the weather has just been to too wettttttttttt!!
So that is how Dublin is coming along, he is doing good, a sweet sweet little dog, very well behaved, solicitace of me, he follows me everywhere, and he knows when its breakfast or dinner time LOL, sometimes he has to wait because he gets to excited LOL For the most part we have no problems with him at all. Meghan has taken him down to the river a couple of times this last week to walk and run with her, and he has had a wonderful time! Seen sand for the first time and the big water too! She said he was goofy and just wanted to run in circles and play in the sand, on leash of course! I have been meaning to get out an old horse nylon lunge line that I dont use with the horses anymore and use it to let Dublin run on, it is 25' long so should work good.


  1. What a cutie, glad the tooth thing will not cause a carreer change , and that his potty training is improving!

  2. Doug got neutered this week and is doing really well also :-)

  3. glad to hear he isn't going to flunk out of the program because of his teeth!

    He sure is cute! Reminds me of Shannon as a baby.

  4. Ohhh! That's such good news about his teeth and his health.
    Good idea to get the lunge line, too. It's always a good idea to let young dogs run and play outside...and it'll help with his weight loss, too. ;-) hehe!

    I know what you mean about the mud, too. I went up to the barn today and Dobbie joined me. I wish she hadn't because it was so icy and snowy and muddy, by the time we got back to the house I had to bathe her in the utility tub. She likes to sleep on the bed and I can't have a wet muddy dog up there with me. beh!

    I'll be so glad when winter is over!


  5. Oh my what a cutie! Oh, I love Dr. Patty! Glad you had some good news. Thanks for your validating comment about Ikea -- agree that store is overwhelming maze!

  6. Thanks for the comment you left about CJ on my blog. I really appreciate it.

    And these pics are amazing!! Boy, do those eyes melt my heart!!

    Hallie :)

  7. Dublin is just so cute. I'm sure his potty issue will go away with your consistent training with him. And it sounds like the teeth issue is doing OK too.

    We watched Marley and Me last Sunday night and it sure brought thoughts of Dublin to my mind...not the misbehaving part, just the beautiful face!


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