Friday, February 12, 2010

Of BFF's and Fortunes....

That would be Blogger Fun Friends!! and Fortune cookie sayings.
Wednesday night Hubby, Meg and I had dinner at a local Chinese food place.
At the end of our meal we opened our Fortune cookies. I had been debateing
whether or not I would be able to drive down to meet my BFF's, and this made
up my mind for me!
I know fortune cookies are just for fun, but this one worked! So Thursday night I headed out on a 40 min. drive, it took me 50 mins it rained so hard.
I was debateing driving to meet my blogger friends because it is harder for me to drive at night, and it was pouring down rain! But I made it, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting these special people!

Beautiful women, all of them!
This is For Love of A Horse JP1
They are both a kick in the pants LOL and it was really fun to hang out with them.

Next is me and Gttyup from Life at the Rough String She is a tiny little spitfire LOL a very wonderful person also. She lives clear on the other side of Oregon from the other 3 of us, and was up in Portland for a class she was taking for work. She talked to JP1 and made arrangements to meet while she was in town, I am so glad they did!
I really enjoyed meeting all of them in person, that doesnt happen very often! Hopefully sometime I will get to meet some of my other BFF's too!

All four of us.  Thank you! Lady's for the great night!
The drive home was much easier, it didnt rain near as hard as the trip down.
It would be really fun to get together for a trail ride!


  1. How cool is that ! Wow what a fun night that must of been

  2. It was so great having you come along!

    I love making new friends!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I'm so envious! And so excited for you, too! Looks like y'all had a blast! And I love seeing all you ladies, sitting there in one place, that I read every week. Too cool!

    I'm meeting up with Breathe 'Horse Centric' for dinner tomorrow night. She's coming all the way from Texas!

    Love me some BFFs!


  4. Pam, I'm so very glad you braved the rain and made it to dinner with us all. It was a fantastic dinner and the company couldn't have been any better!

    Yes, I think a trail ride is a "must do!"


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