Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday , Sunday = Sportsmans Show, Firemen! and NASCAR

Sooo, we went to the Sportsmans Show, in Portland,  on Saturday, of course I forgot my camera (((sigh))) so I have no pictures to share with you from the show. There were a lot of people! It was very crowded, we walked for 6 hours, and seen the whole show. We didnt buy anything though except some pepperoni sticks, and parking and entrace fee and I had a Johnsonville Braut for lunch with sauerkrout! Yum! Hunting, Fishing, archery, boats, lots of head mounts, even two Zebra! I dont think I have seen a Zebra head mount before. Lots of eye candy, we had a good day. After the show we headed home, stopped at the grocery store to get gizzards and wings for Sunday. We left home around 8am and got home around 4:30pm. Saturday evening around 9:00pm, a whole bunch of fire trucks showed up in the neighborhood! With lots of lights!!
There are fire/rescue trucks all along the bottom of the photo. They lit up the hill with light that Hubby said NASA wanted back when they were done LOL. You can see the spotlights along the top the far right one is our freind Kelby's flashlight. Kelby is a Fireman at our local station. At first the confusion was that 911 got a call that a dog was stuck on the cliff, they didnt know if a person was with the dog, as these dogs were always seen with someone walking them. So with the thought that a person was involved, the whole Cavelry came out! About halfway between the  last light on the right and the top of the little white house, you can see a little yellowish spot, that was the fireman after two of them walked from our side of the river, yes river, we have a small river across the street and they went across grandmas bridge and across the hill, and creek and cliff! to find the "person" "dog" in trouble. Kelby walked all the way up and across this hillside/cliffface, in full turnouts! I am impressed! Actually there were two of them that did! Wow, a set of turnouts by themselves weigh over 100lbs!!!! Boots, pants, coat and helmet, and various gear they had to carry! Impressive! I is probably 300 yards across that cliff face. I will post a picture of the area in the daytime too, forgot to take some of those pics today.

Here I was able to zoom in and get a little closer, directly above the door to the little white house on the hillside is where the firemen had to go. It was pretty exciting and dramatic to watch last night!

Here I zoomed in as far as I could on the blob in the middle, you can see the reflectors on the firemans turnouts and a tree, where he couldnt get down any farther. That bank is almost verticle! He had to repel down with ropes to get that far! The Sherriff even came to the house and asked us some questions, wether we had seen someone walk two black labs down the road or had seen anything else. We told him what we knew and that we had never seen anyone walking dogs. It would be really hard to walk dogs on this road, the speed limit is 50mph! there are no sidewalks and traffic is pretty heavy at times, with large Semi trucks and other vehicles. At the time the Sherriff was at our house they still didnt know if a person was up there or not. The report was one of the firemen thought they seen someone, and had seen movement. The Sherriff said if there was someone up there, he even said "she" that they had been there for at least three days! I had heard the dog barking that morning when I took Dublin outside, I just thought someone has a dog tied out in the back yard or something, that was throwing a fit. We were left hanging after that and never heard what was found until Sunday.

And zoomed back out, I actually set the camera on a fence post and used my starry night setting, that has a time delay of 30 seconds to catch all the available light. I was really happy with the clarity of the photos!

The anticlimax is that what was found was a dog on a ledge, they must have pulled it up and wrapped up everything after 11:00pm that night. So that was our Saturday night excitement! Kelby came down for a beer and food, on Sunday, and let us know what happened. That leads us to Sunday.

Biffle almost did it!!! Geez it was a nail biter of a race and a l o n g race on Sunday! There at the end we thought Biffle was going to do it, man what an ending and ending and ending, LOL they had so many restarts on the last two laps! In the end Biffle got 3rd place. If you hadnt figured it out we are Biffle fans around here, he is a local boy and actually grew up in Camas and went to Camas High, even though they always say he is from Vancouver. So that was our weekend, not a boring one at all! We had fun, excitement and a good NASCAR race! I know this has been a long post for me LOL but I guess thats what happens when I forget the camera LOL.
I had to thank Kelby, and all our volunteer and paid Firemen, and Police. These are the guys that fight our battles on the home front. We have two of our kids in the Air Force right now, and I totally thank our Military for what they do to. Our Firemen and Police see and do a lot of horrible grisley things that, a lot of them dont or cant talk about. If it had been me out there I would be so greatful for that dedication and committment that they put out there last night, it is an amazing thing, they are special special people. The fire dept. has saved my life once, and I am forever greatful for that too.
So thank our Military and thank our Fire and Police too, for what they do every day!


  1. Exciting weekend! That NASCAR race was a long one. I was just hoping it would be over before I went to bed. Now that we are in the Eastern time zone everything runs so long.

  2. Wow! So much excitement around your place. I'm glad noone was injured though. whew!


  3. So much excitement! Glad they got the dog and thet there was no person injured . Hoorah for firefighters! they are a special breed of hero!


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