Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A good giggle.....

AWWW this made me giggle......

::: BREAKING NEWS::: In 2009 the government will start deporting all the mentally ill people. I started crying when I thought of you.

Run my little crazy friend, run! Well, what can I say ?? Someone sent it to me, And darn it, I'm NOT going alone !!

Cheerleader Luxor!

150th post! woo hooo!

Luxor will carry stuff around forever, he loves to carry his toys! Meghan got him started carrying an orange and black pom pom, it has about an 8" plastic stick.

Ra Ra Ra! LOL he is so cute and gets so excited about it!

See what I have?

He even shakes it LOL

Meghan giving him technique pointers.

We are going to miss this big goofball when he goes back! He is a really fun dog!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Random pictures from the meet....

Typical ad board near the entrance to the arena, this place is so huge there are several of these!

The big nose picture LOL

Luxor curled up as small as he can in a theater chair.

Luxor on his bed in the camper with his orange bandanna on.

This is carved onto both sides of this big door, the mtns with a horse head.

The cat prison LOL.

Luxor in the bathroom stall with Meghan, I thought this was hilarious!

Easy in her stall, just after we arrived, no bedding yet.
Tomorrow I will post pictures of "cheerleader" Luxor

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Sunday stills.....

Pictures of all the "kids" being still LOL The cat was in heaven, purring away, notice how she is upside down, and....

Luxor was sacked out dead to the world LOL on HIS blankie, its funny how a 63lb dog can still look like a little puppy.
Meanwhile I watched the science channel and read blogs LOL

Saturday, March 28, 2009

WAHSET meet day four, Drill, and Drill video!

Ok so on Drill day they have other classes like working pairs and working fours. This is one of our teams working pairs. Katie and Missy, riding Freedom and Carter.

Good lines here.

They did a really good job.

Lots of maneuvers, the working pairs pattern is a lot slower this year with very little cantering, the working fours on the other hand! man they hauled *ss!
The girls on this team got 6th place out of 21 teams, not to bad!
They performed to Pickin Wild Flowers, and had flowers on the cantal and in their hair and the yellow leg wraps.

That is the fun part of of working pairs, picking your theme. LOL That is actually where I got the idea for my blog title, from a teams music last year. This team rode to Cocamo, and had lays on the horses legs and various tropical additions on the horse. They are not allowed to alter their uniforms in any way, but dress up the horses and their helmets.

This team rode to Toby Kieth's, American Soldier, it was really cool!

And finally drill! They were ahead of schedule too! So it looks like we can get home early tonight! They started around 2:30-3:00 and were done by 5:00, thats nice, sometimes it runs late after dark.
Meghan stretching out Easy's legs.

They added glitter and tail ribbons this time.

And getting ready to mount.

And head off to the arena to warm up.

And Carissa going out....Her horse Steel, is a 7 yr old, running QH with Dash for Cash lines, that the gaming coach is letting her use again this year, the young one she bought is not ready yet for all this.
One of the Grandmas made the saddlepad covers and the leg wrap covers, and on the bridles and breastcollers is orange ribbon with rhinestone studs, should have gotten a close up, maybe next time.

And Emily going out.... Her mare Holly is a 12 year old QH.

You can go here to see the patterns all participants in Washington Equestrian teams are required to do http://www.wahset.org/
I only show a small portion of the classes they get to do, there are also showmanship, performance and jumping classes. It is a great opportunity for the horse kids!! something other than 4-H.

And Tory going out....
Her little mare Lena is only 3, and a QH. I think she is to young for this but she is doing good.
and there were four more I missed.

I didnt change my camera for the outside shots, thats why they are kinda washed out.

And warming up in the warm up ring.
Look at all that wood, this section has, metal siding.

And finally a Drill video, this took forever to load, but I hope it is worth it! I think so! The team rides to a theme song from Twilight.

This Video is 4min 32secs long and is the Drill Team for Washougal High School. They have between 4-6 minutes to do their routine. They did a lot better this run than last meet, things are coming together. Although they are working on mixing it up a little and added some new maneuvers which they worked on at todays practice, and they want to see if they can add some flags, although there were two horses that didnt tolerate the flags at practice today. It was wet pouring down rain when we got to practice this morn, yuck, I cant wait for warmer weather :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

WAHSET meet 2, drill practice, and day three gaming

Late on Thursday night the girls got to
Practice their drill routine, they are really starting to look good now!

Friday after noon they started the gaming events, Poles first.
Meghan had her personal best pole run, she did a nice job. She placed 20th.

Team flags, there are 4 on a team and they have to run up and grab a flag and go back, in relay. The flags are in the ground pretty good and it hurt Meghans hand when she pulled it out.

I didnt get a pic of Meg doing individual flags, but she got 11th place in those.

Keyhole race, Washougal team had raking duty too.

Rake, rake rake. The ones that did not run this event raked the dirt.

And Meghans Keyhole time!
Pretty good for a 24 year old mare!

They placed 11th again!

And the Team Bi-Rangle event. Meghan and Patrick were partners.

Meghans half of the run.

And they got 12th place in this event.

A zoom in to see the kids waiting outside the in gate, Carissa there on the grey horse, Meg is to the left behind the pole.

Start to her barrel run, she ran a 17.659 this time which was 27th out of 55 participants.
I was up in the concession area looking out the window so I didnt get good pics of her barrel run.

And Luxor was tired, I told him to stay, and he curled up and went to sleep in the middle of the room LOL and would not move, until Meghan came in LOL

This is the concession booth, they do good food for the meet. Biscuits and gravy for breakfast! yum yum!

And....the team hosted a movie night, because this was the first day Twilight was released, to thats what we watched, barrels ended at around 11;15pm and we started the movie at 11:30-11:45, Meg was tired and went to bed at 12;30. The movie didnt end until 1:30am! But it was pretty good.

I tried to run it through my computer but we had a problem with the volume.

Meghan in front of the results board.

And Twilight. I enjoyed to movie, it wasnt really what I expected, but it was good. One person had a little tiny projector that hooked up to the computer and then we plugged a boombox into the computer for sound. Had to use another computer, never figured out the volume problem with mine. After we got all that straightened out things went good, short night though LOL

People gathered to watch in the dark.