Thursday, March 12, 2009

THe dogs and sun spots....

This is the old man, Teddy, he is 14 years old now, how time flies! Teddy and Luxor found all the "sun spots" that came in the windows this afternoon. So I seen an opportunity to play with the settings on my camera.
Teddy has cataracts now and he misses when he jumps on the chair, and he pees a lot, like an old man LOL And he coughs and sneezes and makes all kinds of wondeful noises LOL

But I still think he is pretty cute, for a grumpy old man.

Little fuzz ball!
I have posted about him before, but for those that havnt seen him he is 3/4 Chihuahua and a 1/4 Skipperke. He weighs 14 lbs, when he was younger he was 11 lbs, but he gained wt in his old age, like all of us LOL

The obligatory tongue picture LOL

He can still look like a regal little bugger. He is bossy now too, when the water jug is empty he knocks it off of the bowel and pushes it down the hall. When he wants in, or out, he will bark at us now, or when food is in order LOL bossy old man

He can still be cute too! How come they are always precious when they are asleep LOL kinda like kids LOL

Luxor took advantage of the sun too. I like this picture, it reminds me of the old black velvet paintings.

His eyes say it all, he is such a kind dog, very well behaved, he has been a joy to raise.

Meghan got Luxors go back date, June 12th, the day before she graduates. She was going to have him walk down the isle at graduation with her, we will see, you never know, maybe it will still happen.
At least she will be able to have him for her senior panels, and not have to borrow a different puppy.

Black animals are hard to take pics of, because they are so shiny.

And the sun has moved, and Meghan came in the back door, he is so bonded to her, and her to him. It will be hard to let him go. If someone does get him for a guide dog eventually, they are getting an exceptional animal, he has been since she brought him home. We still think he is going as a breeder after his initial formal training, then he will be reassessed and he could go to a blind person, or maybe we could get him back?? time will tell.


  1. Luxor is handsome ,but Teddy ! please can you go kiss that beautiful sweet old boy for me! what a wonderful face!

  2. That lighting does make for good pictures. Teddy looks like a Wookie in that first photograph.

  3. Hey there...took me a while, but I got caught up reading your blog!!! Congrats on your 1 year...thumbs up girl! sure have been busy with Meghan...she's doing awesome with Easy. Great job on their first meet of the season!!

    Yes, kiss that lil' Teddy for me...what a cutie!

  4. I can't get past Teddy's ears! I love em! What a sweetheart!
    I think that first pic of Luxor is awesome! That needs to be framed!

  5. Dvm' Wife,

    Yes that was my though on that picture too!! I think I will go in to Walgreens and have it printed,( a lot of black ink) as a surprise for Meghan

  6. Oh and I call Teddy, feather head, a lot LOL

  7. Such beautiful animals. How I so wish for a good dog if I did not live in such a small apartment... sigh.


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