Monday, March 9, 2009

SNOW!! AGAIN!! and Craigs list Saddle Swap!!

Is this crap ever going to stop! We have had snow showers and hail showers all day today. All I can say is at least its not sticking, but then we are only at 98 feet above sea level where we are sooo, up higher it probably is.
It snowed hard too, the horses didnt like it either, but I turned them out anyway, it will snow or hail then the sun comes out, whats with that LOL I wish it would warm up. At least it is supposed to be dry this week, then wet again on the weekend. Maybe I can still get the roses and the apple trees trimmed.

So I have been watching saddles on Craigslist. I found a nice Barrel saddle that someone wanted to trade for a wide saddle. Meghan has been riding in gaming events and doing Drill team and riding in a pleasure/trail saddle sooo I told her about this ad yesterday and she called the lady.

This saddle is a15 1 /2 inch, roper type with Full QH bars. Tex Tan brand, and a 1994 model. Tex Tan is one of the few saddle makers that actually stamp their saddles with the manufacture date on the stirrup fender straps inside, on the left side I

See this saddle is plenty wide, it fit Mickey and Emma very well, but we had three pleasure saddles, and I am not giving up my Crates!! so we offered her this saddle for trade, and met her a 1/2 hour away, and had her look at it.

And this is what she had, a 15".....
Dakota brand Barrel saddle, with the Steele equi-fit tree tag still on it, it is a trophy saddle and on the left fender is says E.R.G.A. 2003, this saddle has sat in her garage for 5 years and she hasnt used it. She put it on her newer horse one time and decided it was way to narrow for him, so she put it on Craigs list! and thats where we came in. Actually she has had it on there for over a week and had just reposted it when I found the ad again. I think I had e-mailed her about a trade once, and she said she wanted another barrel saddle, but this time she decided to look at something else.
So Meghan has a new saddle!! and she is a very happy young lady! So here she is, never been used, and on a horse one time, I think that the lady will be happy with our saddle too, especially if she needs a wide tree on her horse! It really is a comfy saddle too. And Meghan is just stoked about having a "new" Barrel saddle!! Good trade huh!! And I am excited that it has an equi-fit tree after doing some research on them on the internet! They are a wood covered fiberglass tree and the Dakota brand saddles get good reviews, they say there leather detail is not the greatest but they are built on the same tree as Crates and some of the other great saddle makers, did I say I am so happy that we could do this!!
for some reason blogger is being difficult again and I lost one of the pics on here, then found it and drug it back and ended up with two of the same pic
it can be so stupid sometimes LOL but gotta love it!!!!


  1. I know, wacky weather everywhere! Hang in there, at least it often comes and goes quickly, eh?
    Great saddle trade! Craigslist is so good for finds like that!

  2. What a nice trade! Do you do leatherwork? You can always put a design over the lettering and duplicate it on the other side.

    Snow? We haven't seen any of there in our neck of the woods in a year. Literally. I'm hoping the cold front coming this week will bring a little.


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