Thursday, March 5, 2009

WAHSET meet Drill Team competition.....

The Team has worked very hard on drill, as much as 1-2 times a week, and with everyones busy schedules it comes to a lot. They are an 8 person drill team, with one alternate.

Here they are in the warm up ring before drill.

Once around the arena in single file.


This I believe is the Box, move. It really freaks me out to watch LOL it looks like they are all going to run into each other! But if you watch close they actually form a square in the middle.
Single file cross.

I dont remember what fancy name this move is called, but the whole team is doing a circle with even spacing hopefully LOL

And a circle in pairs.

The wheel, they did pretty darn good moves here.

The line is pretty straight.

And around they go, ya I know I havnt figured out how to get blogger to take my videos yet, I dont use an outside server for pics, but I might have to for videos.

I just thought it was cool to see them going all the way around.

Oops LOL looks like I put the box in twice? Have had a hard time with blogger google going down today and yesterday, some things got saved and I have come back to do this post 4 times!

The wheel the other direction.

Transition between moves

I think this is a suicide wheel? with every other horse going the opposite direction.

Another cross over.

The team placed 2nd out of three teams, with a score of 215, the winning team is a 12 rider team with fancy flags and the whole 9 yards, so they felt pretty darn good about their showing!! I thing it was out of a possible 250 pts.

And its 4:30PM and still a 2 1/2 hour drive home, hooking up to go home, finally!!! I love to go, but it sure is nice to go back home too.

And pulled over by the barns to pick up the horse. Oh my it was a horrible drive home most of the way, it was raining just hard enough to keep the water mist up in the air off of the road, and this late in the winter there was no paint left on the road, and very few reflectors either! so seeing the lanes was a real b**** but we made it! I think I drove home at 50mph most of the way! I hate Semi trucks!!! especially at night and in the rain! or even during the day LOL

Meghan cleaning out her stall!

We did stop to eat at McDs on the way home, with Carissa and her grandma, had a good meal. The shake machine was out of order darn it, didnt get my choc shake!

The meet over all they placed 4th behing 3 much larger schools, out of a total of 8 schools, not to bad for their first meet! and a lot better than last year!

And I have a funny story to tell, about the trip home LOL we finally got to our exit, and took it and came up to the stop sign, and the windshield wipers quit on the truck! So I go a little ways and pull over and Meghan stuck her arm out the window and moved the blade and it went on its own, for a little while, so we are so tired and this just struck us as funny the last 10 miles home Meghan had to reach out and push the wipers so they would go whenever they quit and the whole time she is laughing and I am laughing and she is saying " Man this is the stupidest thing EVER!!" which made me laugh harder, and we were so wound up by the time we got to the house the the men folk thought we were nuts , and didnt believe us LOL just had to share, made it home safe, and the hubby is off work for a few days so I will get him to check out the wipers!!!
At least I hope this story is funny, it realy was at the time!!

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  1. Amazing photos and I loved seeing it...wish I was there in person to watch. That's alot of fun and alot of work..but worth it...

    Take Care...


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