Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WAHSET meet #2, Steer daubing

First we were on the backside of the line, hard to get good pics when you are behind all the riders.
And the front side of the line, after we walked over to the other side. Meghan is on the far left with the lime green.

This little POA has the cutest markings on his ears LOL white spots on the tips. I thought he is so cute.

One of Meghan runs, Easy is getting a little excited in the box and the first run they broke the barrier, so had a +10sec, on the second run they had a 4.4 sec run.
See all the windows on the back wall, in this places heyday there used to be a restaurant up there, and they had a lot of stuff going on all the time. I seems to be getting, just old now, I would have loved to see it during the day.
Now there are plans to build a brand new huge equestrian center not to far from here, someone told me 2010.

Meghan next to Emily on Holly on Megs left, our right, Holly has the cutest funniest blaze, with that big spot on her nose, and white spot above her eye.

Here is a closeup of Hollys face. She is a cute little mare, she is a red dun.

And the line again, arent they a good looking bunch! The man on the far right is the judge.

These are the infrared heaters in the grandstands, they do help a lot!

These are the old granstand chairs, theater type seating, the seats all fold down. This whole huge huge building is all made of wood, kinda scary if you think about it! I bet it is the fire marshals nightmare. I will post more pics of it. But it is a really cool place, and has a warren of passages around it!

The brass #medalions on the back of the chairs. What neat old patina.

Mehan texting her boyfreind. you can see part of the arena and the entry gate in front of her.

Oh did I say we had a cat with us LOL, Luxor loves his kitty.
Will post Team sorting next.


  1. How did you manage to get pictures inside the arena? Mine usually come out to dark. My nieces OHSET meet is this weekend. I'm going to have to miss this one and that's a bummer because it's fun to watch the kids compete.

  2. Hey, your pictures are getting a lot better! Nice work! Glad to hear Meghan and Easy had a good night. :o)

  3. Boy I have been working at the setting on my camera to try to get some good pics. Thanks Katharine I am glad they are getting better :) I dont have anyone but me critiqueing them.

    wilsonc, Do you have a digital camera? I set it on the indoor light setting, and or candlelight, it seems to let a lot more light in, also these last pics were taken at 200 speed. My new camera has so many settings it is a real learning curve. But with the digital I can take as many practice pics as I want :) I started out trying to take the pics at higher speeds because of the action, it doesnt work indoors, at least not with my camera, so I started slowing the film speed down, and it has been working better, the leg blur during the action, I am still working on that, my problem is going back and remembering which setting I used LOL good luck!

  4. wilsonc, I forgot to say I take almost all of the pictures without a flash, except for some of the closeup ones, the flash catches all the the dust in the air and it looks like it is snowing.


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