Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WAHSET meet #2, we go Thursday!

The Washougal WAHSET team for 2009 is ready to go again! Meet #2 is this weekend. We will be at the Trail End arena in Olympia! for four days!

Meghan and Easy will compete again! Next meet #3 will be in another 3 weeks, then the State meet in May.
I am hoping this works!! this is the first video that I have tried to upload.
They take a long time to process. This is a Steer Daubing video for those of you that havnt seen it. Ok I had to upload it before I watched it sorry, I have one more. This first one is a demonstration in how excited the horses get before going in the box, a lot of them get sour to the box, and yes she does go in.

Ok so I dont have a program on my comp at the moment that will let me view the videos before I upload them, time to load the program that came with the camera. so we will see if this second video is any better. Ok it worked as you can probably see LOL. This old mare has more energy! she is just full of it, and she really does like doing this, dispite throwing the fit, she has always loved to run!! I will post again probably when we get back, unless I am able to pirate someones internet Hehehehehe LOL We will be in a much more rural area than the last meet.

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