Monday, March 23, 2009

WAHSET meet #2, Trails End Arena, Olympia WA

Thursday, 3-19-09
Well we left at about 11;30am, and got up to Olympia at around 2:00. We unload everything and Meghan starts getting Easy cleaned up for In hand relay.

As she is getting ready other team members are trickling in.

Missy and her mom are one of the first to arrive. You can see the "motes" for the ditches that are all over the place up here. We luck out and the weather is cloudy with sun breaks and only a few rain showers.
That is the arena building behind the truck, the building is huge!!

Luxor got to go with us this time, he almost didnt get to go into the grandstands with me. There was a big meeting to decide if they were going to let him in. He is classed as a service dog, but refusal to let them in can happen, because he is a puppy in training, not a full fledged service dog with a handicapped person. ( unless you count me LOL) Anyway the vote was just about unanimous to let him in. They had to reinforce some rules this year because so many people brought dogs last year, for insurance reasons, they dont want pets in the grandstands/arena area.

This is the teams stall barn, this facility is pretty old.

Where we camped, the power supply is iffy, so we can only run lights in the camper. We do have propane heat, but I only use that during the day when we are awake, it wasnt too cold and we took our electric blankets again :)

Luxors bed in the camper.

We walked over to check the progress of the classes.

There were the cutest minis doing the IHOR class.

There were quit a few miniature horses there, they do the in hand stuff, (obviously LOL) and driving with them.

And Meghan and Easy going through the course. This time they had a couple of classes on Thurs. night so things wouldnt go so late at night.
ANNNNDDDDD our funny story for the trip!!
Carissa is on the, in hand team, and they couldnt get there until late, because her grandma had to work until 6pm. they pull in around 8:30 and have to pull the horse out and run to the arena for the class. Carissa gets in their camper to change her shirt and finds their barn cat inside. "Grandma, we have a cat", "What!!!" Grandma says. "Oh, no!!" as she laughs. They go do the class and head back to the barn and we are making fun of them because they have the cat with them. We head to our camper to get settled down for the night and open the door..... to.....
m e o w!!! Our *&^%$%& cat had stowed away in our camper too!!! We had been up there since 2 in the afternoon and had not seen or heard her at all, we left the door open and came and went, she could have gotten out and we would never have known! Soooo we are stuck with a cat for the weekend too. Oh and their cats name is Yellow, our cats name is Amber, LOL
Isnt this just the most pathetic face, "Mom I dont want to loose my kitty!" in a big whinny voice LOL "Your not going to lose your cat" I say. Damn cat.

At least I can laugh about it, the whole team thought it was really funny that two of us has inadvertently brought our cats!!!

And her room while we were not in the camper. Made a cat box but she wouldnt use it. pulled the plastic down and peed on the plastic at least, and pooped on the bottom floor :(
Damn cat.

Here she is the next day looking cute.
Damn cat.
Oh did I say.....
Damn cat.
Well she survived and came home with us, none the worse for the wear.
Damn cat.
And more about the meet tomorrow, we were glad to get home early, before dark, and it was a much more pleasant drive home than last time.


  1. Poor you ! rotten cat as a stowaway! Looks like the rest of the time was fun.

  2. Your are so lucky the cat did not wander off!!! Wow, what fun was that! She is some special cat, that wants to go on the road with her family..

    Jan :)

  3. At least the cat was good, she slept with Meghan, or she would yowl all night. At least she didnt potty in our sleeping bags!!!!

  4. Luxor is adorable, who could resist a face like that???

  5. Funny story about the cats hitting the campers for the weekend. I've had a few try that on me before leaving for shows. Seeing your pics makes me excited for show season.
    Glad you and your daughter have these times together.


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