Monday, March 2, 2009

WAHSET meet day one.....daubing and IHOR

Wow they did a lot that first day, this is going to be a long post, with Team sorting tomorrow.

The first day they did, Steer daubing, IHOR, and Team sorting.

Here is Meg and Easy in the warm up ring before Steer daubing.

Warming up, the whole inside of the complex is painted light blue.

Our cute girls.

I still am trying to figure out setting on my new camera, I change setting and it putts the newer pics in a different file. Anyone have any suggestions about these action pictures I have it on an indoor setting with the ISO at 1600, I can set it for 800 or 400 also, or auto. I keep playing with it, so I will figure it out LOL if I zoom at all they blur worse.

The team all lined up together waiting for daubing to start.

They make two hazing lines for the cows. The cows werent very good, they were all dairy cows, Holsteins and Guernseys and they had never been used before. I heard someone say they used a different supplier and saved $1000. so thats understandable. The calves just didnt know to run, they got the hang of it by days end.

The cattle judge, Bob, the girls thought he was pretty cool. Meghan 4th from the right, she has an armband because she is "cow captain" for the team.
Meg taking Easy into the box, for as little as Easy has chased cattle she sure gets hyped up going in the chute, she loves to run them though.

Meghans first daub, it was 1.3 seconds, but she tripped the barrier, darn it. Her second daub was 4.?? seconds.

Waiting to see what happened, you can get a good look at the daubing stick here. They actually dip it in a huge jar of mustard, thats how they mark the cow.

Right after Steer daubing the girls had to do IHOR, which is In Hand Obsticle Relay, it is a team of four, and they all have to lead thier horses through a trail course.

The old mare is looking pretty good for 24 years old! She is one of those horses that just doesnt show her age, and she still has perfect clean legs, we ran her barefoot this weekend, but Meghan wants me to have shoes put on her. I do the trimming but I wont nail shoes on!

The brats LOL, my pretty girls. That halter is the one I used as a kid, I added the silver about 10 years ago, its pretty old LOL almost 30 years, I replaced the chain one time.

Meg and Carissa being silly!

Waiting for their teams turn, in WAHSET they can do as many team events as they want to, but only 5 individual events. That includes all of the gaming events counted as one each. Carissa has Steel, a really nice gelding she is borrowing for the season, as her new horse is still to green to do this, but she will take the new horse, Nick, to college with her.

This obstacle they had to trot a circle over the poles on the off side of the horse.

Then they trotted into that box and backed out, did the sidepass over the pole.

This is a forehand turn with the front feet in the box.

I will post the Team sorting tomorrow! I think this post is long enough.


  1. Camera advice -- in manual settings there is another setting that controls shutter speed. ISO is just light sensitivity. Too slow a shutter speed is what causes the blur. A faster shutter speed will shorten the exposure time and make the action shots crisper.

    Here's a page that might help:

    Suggested shutter speeds

    They give the shutter speeds as a fraction, but my camera just says the bottom number (i.e. 250 instead of 1/250).

  2. Thanks Katherine, its back to my manual to see if I can adjust the shutter speed on my digital camera, I sure would like to get some clear action shots!


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