Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Interesting shots.....

Close up of fir cones when it was snowing.

The burst mode makes it interesting to get some shots
another burst mode pic, I kinda like this one

and Meg and Luxor with their glowing eyes LOL I suppose I need to start playing with my photo editing program now LOL


  1. Yes, very interesting pictures! Wow, a black dog with blue eyes! LOL They are pretty blue eyes! :-)

  2. I love burst mode on my camera .I figure if I get a bunch ,one is bound to turn out , that is actually hw I got some of the good ones of the horses and dogs. The ones you posted today are great love the fir cone

  3. looks like a devil and an angel to me! : )

  4. LOL Sara, but which is which LOL

  5. Burst mode -- do you mean where it will take pictures is rapid succession if you hold down the button? If so, I love that too. That's how my brother in law got the picture in the header of my blog!


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