Monday, March 30, 2009

Random pictures from the meet....

Typical ad board near the entrance to the arena, this place is so huge there are several of these!

The big nose picture LOL

Luxor curled up as small as he can in a theater chair.

Luxor on his bed in the camper with his orange bandanna on.

This is carved onto both sides of this big door, the mtns with a horse head.

The cat prison LOL.

Luxor in the bathroom stall with Meghan, I thought this was hilarious!

Easy in her stall, just after we arrived, no bedding yet.
Tomorrow I will post pictures of "cheerleader" Luxor


  1. LOL. You got pictures of everyone in their stalls!

  2. LOL NM, I didnt realize I had a theme going there! ROFL

  3. looks like a fun W/E. by the way love the new header!!

  4. great pix.. love the new header picture as well!!

    Oh to be young and doing all that fun horse stuff again!


  5. I am glad you all like the new header! I had to make one that included all of the mares.


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