Thursday, March 26, 2009

WAHSET meet #2, Team sorting

Meghan and Carissa are partners for Team sorting this year. Here they are waiting for their turn.

And entering the ring, the judge holds that green flag up and when the first rider passed through the gate he drops it and time starts, they have 90 seconds to pen 10 cows.

They didnt get any cows the first go, Carissa let one slip by her at the gate that was the wrong number, these were really slippery cattle, and knew the drill on where they were supposed to go, and would try to sneak by the riders if they were close to the gate. So they got a no time.

I am finally getting the settings on my new camera here, nice and crisp, with good color!

These cattle are Corrientes, and they all had these big horns, I liked the spots on this one.

Outside the ring waiting for the second go round.

A lot of waiting goes on, there are a lot of teams.

Going in for the second round.

I need to not change the setting when I have something good going LOL these last shots are a lot darker.

Here they are chasing cows back to the other side after a second no time. The same exact thing happened, with Carissa having a cow with the wrong number get by her.

And all done for this meet, no scores at all for Team Sorting. There is a lot of luck in this game.

Luxor sat next to me and watched the whole thing, he is so good.

This is up behind the theater chairs, there is room up here to set up more comfortable lawn chairs, the steps are really wide.

Here you can see the huge wooden laminated beams in the roof, with the clear skylight panels.
And better light again.

The little mare in this picture reminded me so much of the little mare I grew up on, Dusty, same little buttermilk buckskin about 14.2 hands, she has a cute little dished face too.

And they had drill practice that night, and gaming the next day.... more pics to come

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